CANADIAN OUTLAWS: Truth, Christians and Free Speech fall prey to Zionist misfeasance

CANADIAN OUTLAWS: Truth, Christians and Free Speech fall prey to Zionist misfeasance

by Arthur Topham

March 6, 2013 by admin 4 Comments

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CANADIAN OUTLAWS: Truth, Christians and Charter of Rights fall prey to Zionist misfeasance

By Arthur Topham

March 3, 2013

The recent, decision handed down on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 by six of Canada’s Supreme Court justices, in the Saskatchewan (Human Rights Commission) v Whatcott case, was indeed a ‘supreme’ blow to Christians, to freedom of religion and to every individual’s right to freedom of speech in Canada. At the same time, it also was a remarkably clandestine victory for the foreign Zionist-Jew lobby groups such as B’nai Brith Canada, the Canadian Jewish Congress, and the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA); all of whom reflect, represent and condone, in unabashed fashion, the principles and policies of the Zionist state of Israel, over and above the traditional rule of law that has been the hallmark of Canadian jurisprudence from its earliest beginnings.

On top of this victorious legal coup that the vast majority of Canadians remain either ignorant of or in denial of, there are the added collaborating players in this long-range agenda to subvert and mould Canada’s judiciary into a type more in keeping with that of the U.S.A’s; one which, in recent years, has become permeated by their Jewish lobby groups to such an extent that they’ve effectively emasculated the US legal system by introducing their own brand of Jewish Noahide laws into American jurisprudence. These Noahide laws are, in fact, ones that stem from the ancient writings of the Jewish Talmud; a horrendously hoary and convoluted compilation of endless sophistry and intellectual meanderings that attempt to cover the full gamut of possible mental masterbation on any conceivable topic capable of debate, all of which boggles the mind and taxes the heart and soul of anyone who is able to locate and delve into the bottomless pit of arcane, abstruse, macabre deliberations found therein.

It is my contention, based upon all recent research and extrapolation, that this same clandestine, Fifth Column Zionist-instigated seditious process is, and has been, occurring here in Canada since the inception of our nation’s “hate speech laws” that, coincidentally, began to gain ascendency in Canada’s house of justice back in the late 1960′s when the major Jewish lobby groups first began to amalgamate and initiate this calculated, step by step, surreptitious program of incremental changes to Canada’s legal system; one that would eventually see the switch over from former Christian democratic principles of freedom of speech to those of the Talmudic Jewish Noahide laws under which Jewry has operated over the past two millennia.  It is also my added contention that these subtle changes have been, and are being, spearheaded by those very justices of the Supreme Court of Canada who hold duel citizenship with the state of Israel and whose ultimate allegiance, I strongly allege, is first and foremost to that foreign nation.

Compounding and exacerbating this traitorous intent to corrupt and debase Canada’s legal system via “hate crime legislation” is the growing realization by many Canadians that our so-called “independent” media is, in fact, totally controlled, editorially and otherwise, by this same self-serving Zionist Jew consortium and that these media monopolists, along with their line of sycophantic, satanic journalists and talking heads, are the major propaganda force behind this plot to subvert the Canadian justice system.

Most Canadians who have not been asleep at the wheel politically are now fully cognizant of the fact that the Harper Conservative government is the key to the success of these Zionist “hate crime” operatives and their eventual triumph in binding the mouths and minds of Canadians so that any and all criticism of their planned take-over of the country will not be openly discussed, either in the print media, television or on the Internet. Their arsenal of epithets stands ready 24/7 to support any smear & fear campaign necessary to belittle and slander and denigrate those who show any indication of not bowing down in obeisance to their treasonous scheme to dismantle and re-create our former legal system so as to have it fit harmoniously with all the other nations that have also been infiltrated by these same self-chosen zealots.

The whole of the homosexual agenda is but one of the ruses that these lobbyists use in order to divide, confuse and conquer their opponents and justify, via their human rights commissions, tribunals and their Supreme Court double-agents, the introduction of more and more repressive anti-democratic “hate speech” laws. These tactics, for those who have studied the Zionist’s modus operandi to any degree, are par for the course. The crucial thing for them is to use others rather than come straight out and say we’re bringing in all these repressive, Orwellian laws because we don’t want Canadians discussing and debating our ideology, our motives or our agenda; one that includes enslaving and punishing anyone who steps out of line and beyond that the total destruction of the Christian religion as we now know it.

There is, on top of all these seemingly inexplicable occurrences, a vital question that needs to asked and addressed with respect to the inordinate number of Zionist, duel-citizenship Jewish justices who have somehow wended their way upwards to the apex of Canada’s judicial system and are now literally in positions of supreme power and control with respect to influencing both our Constitution and our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Given that Canada is noted world wide for being a proactive, multicultural nation; one that welcomes immigrants from around the world to its shores and touts itself as being an open, free and culturally diverse society, the blatant imbalance that we are witnessing today in the ethnic composition of our Supreme Court justices is beyond question a problem in dire need of explanation.

Were we, as a nation, to give equal opportunity and consideration to the various visible minorities that make up our country’s population then this ought to be reflected in the composition of those who sit in judgement at the top of our federal judicial system.

Knowing that our First Nations population is the largest minority group in Canada it behooves all Canadians to ask the obvious: why do we not have a First Nations justice sitting in on our supreme court? Given that this nation was formed, literally, from the soil of the original people’s land and also given that the First Nations people constitute the largest group in the Canadian population matrix does it not make sense that when it comes to representing their interests that someone from their ranks ought to be a member of this august group of supreme court justices?

Next in line is our Chinese-Canadian population topping the list as the largest visible minority in Canada and again the obvious question is: why do we not have a Chinese-Canadian justice sitting in the SCC?

Next in line we have a very large South Asian population followed by an equally large black population. Where are the South Asian and the Black supreme court justices?

Finally, getting to the crux of this perplexing situation, as we go down the scale of relative population demographics  we come to the ethnic Jewish population in Canada which, according to the Jewish Virtual Library, in 2010 numbered 375,000 in population, ranking somewhere in the neighbourhood of 25th in terms of group size and comprising, out of a total population of 33,890,000 Canadians, 1.1% of Canada’s total population. Yet, for their relatively small numbers in terms of percentages they now hold 4 out of 9 positions on Canada’s Supreme Court. That works out to 44.4% of Canada’s supreme court justices somehow stemming from 1.1 % of the country’s total population. If common sense cannot tell people that there is a glaring discrepancy here then something surely is wrong in the way that Canadians view the make-up of their nation’s highest court.  No amount of intellectual verbiage can explain why this is so without getting into the fundamental question of what the real reasons are for this most obvious of imbalances wherein we have a preponderance of duel-citizen Jewish justices sitting and deliberating the vital questions currently being discussed in this brief essay.

Of course the immediate reaction from the Zionist lobbies is to reach up their proverbial sleeve and pull out their “anti-Semitic” and “hate speech” cards and flash them across the nation via their controlled media in typical fashion whenever their power base is questioned or threatened. Then will follow their sophistry and rhetoric emanating from the academics and talking heads arguing that this blatant discrepancy is simply due to the fact that Jewish lawyers are the most intelligent, experienced and therefore qualified of all of Canada’s lawyers and, like the cream atop the cow’s milk, they naturally rise up to those positions of eminence and power.

As the kids would say, “Yah, sure.”

To conclude, it cannot be stressed or repeated enough that we either have free speech or we have controlled speech where Big Brother takes control of our conscience and our mind and leaves us as automatons and slaves to do their bidding and those who now sit in judgement over our collective rights , due to their recent actions in the Whatcott case, must be treated with the utmost suspicion and their motives fully analyzed.

The time to act on these concerns is yesterday. Tomorrow may be too late.

The SCC Puppets

I present below the figures of the three Ashkenazi Zionists who have, along with their controllers in Tel Aviv and elsewhere, and the other three Shabbez Goi justices, perpetrated this seditious act of attempting to twist the truth and our human right to freedom of speech into some form of kosher, Zionist fritter all the better to fragment and confuse the people of Canada so as to lure our nation further astray into the nightmare that awaits the world should Zionism ever gain full control over independent nation states.

It must also be adamantly born in mind as well that the fact that I am presenting and focusing on these three individuals is absolutely not to be misconstrued as having excused the other three protagonists in this deceptive legal drama. The primary purpose here is accent the Jewish lobby in Canada and its unsavory effect upon Canada’s legal system. It goes without saying that the other three justices have, for whatever reasons, also consented to this agenda and ought to be removed from their positions along with the three Zionist duel-citizen justices in question here.

McLachlin photo McLachlincopy_zps96a077d6.png

With respect to Canada’s current Madam Chief Justice McLachlin it is also relevant and fitting that the following quote by Jason Moscovitz of the CBC be mentioned here as it is most relevant to an understanding of the mindset of these six judicial side-kicks when it comes to our right to freedom of speech.  Jason Moscovitz states: “Of all the attributes she brings to the high court, there is one that sticks out. Many legal experts say she does not consider the Charter of Rights to be necessarily sacred.” [Jason Moscovitz CBC Date: 991103 Time: 22:00:00 ET – 22:26:00 ET]

AbellaFlag photo abellaFlag_zpsbf55ffb4.png

While still in her twenties SCC Abella was appointed a member of the Human Rights Commission of Ontario. Her husband, Irving Abella, is the J. Richard Shiff Professor of Canadian Jewish Studies at York University in Toronto and a past president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, one of the leading “hate speech law” lobby groups in Canada.

SCC Justice Abella is on the International Board of the Hebrew University, a member of the United States Holocaust Museum’s Committee on Conscience (again, pushing the 6 million lies of the Zionists that have become since WWII one of the principal pillars supporting all of their criminal actions since that time).

The president (Canadian Section) of the International Commission of Jurists, cited her as one whose “entire life has revolved around the cause of human rights… She has shaped Canadian policy in equality rights, and…has also had a profound impact on human rights law and policy outside Canada.” The precise manner in HOW SCC has “shaped Canadian policy in equality rights” is now fairly apparent given her complicity in this recent and deplorable attack upon Canada’s unquestionable right to freedom of speech.

SCC Justice Abella also served as a commissioner on the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Again, those who have been complicit in the actions of the human “rights” commissions here in Canada have revealed their motives clearly enough over the past decade and longer and have lost credibility in the eyes of the rest of the 98% of Canada who do not want to have their rights tampered with to satisfy the spurious and fraudulent false front arguments of special minority groups.

FishFlag photo FishFlag_zps0946efd9.png

True to his name there’s definitely something “fishy” about this lastest SCC decision.

RothsteinFlag photo RothsteinFlag_zps2256d32f.png

SCC Justice Rothstein has served as an adjudicator under the Manitoba Human Rights Act from 1978 to 1983 and as a member of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal from 1986 to 1992. He has also held many other offices or appointments connected to the Manitoba Human Rights Act and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

So what have people like Marshall Rothstein learned from all of their involvement in harassing and vilifying and criminalizing Canadians for having exercised their God-given right to freedom of expression and speech? By all appearances he’s learned that the manipulation of the law,when it is being supported by a Fifth Column media and a host of complicit, compromised politicians under the sway of the Zionist lobby, is relatively easy to accomplish and virtually a fait accompli.


Alex Jones: Canadian conspiracy


Paul Hellyer’s The Money Mafia – a World in Crisis— copyright 2014

Paul Hellyer’s The Money Mafia – a World in Crisis— copyright 2014

A comment by Connie Fogal, October 2014

Hellyer sets the stage for the rationale of his book with a quote from President Abraham Lincoln:

I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country…corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.”

Why should we read and share this book? In my opinion, this is Hellyer’s most important written contribution to humanity. It is his best work at pulling together crucial information of how the world now functions- who is in control, their agenda, and their power. This is an encyclopedic reference for quick access to descriptions of every form of abuse of money power exerted by the “money mafia”. Once again Hellyer eloquently sets out the deception imposed on the masses about the creation and power of money, and the exploitation of the masses by that deception. It is an excellent depiction of the “End Game” of the New World Order; i.e., the substitution of elite rule for democracy.

Many of us already know much of the information he presents in The Money Mafia. His presentation here is comprehensive, readable and understandable. But this book goes much further than ever before. I have been waiting for that reach.

He informs about the extraterrestrial presence and technology, and about the exploitive abuse of it and us by an elite earthly cabal. The information is necessary to help us know the steps we must take for our salvation. We need to know that sophisticated free energy exists here on earth now, that used for the benefit of all, it can restore the earth to its glory, that it is in the control of an evil cabal who withholds the technology from us while they exploit its use for their greed and power grievously harming earth and its inhabitants in the process. It was that information which compelled me to write this comment in hope of impressing on others the necessity of reading and sharing this book.

Hellyer sets out a do-able necessary action plan in chapter 14: actions for the US President, the US Congress, the G20, Ending the Great Recession, Full Disclosure, Tree Planting, 7 year Transformation to Clean Energy, Writing Off Third World Debt, Winding Up the IMF, a Tobin Tax taxing every exchange of one country’s currency for another to stop speculation in currencies- gambling, a Universal World Currency and a World Bank publicly owned by the people of the world with formula preventing undue influence by any country or region, rolling back the World Trade Organization to a General Agreement on Trade and Tariffs, using the Marquess of Queensbury rules for Trade and Investment, massive reduction of Defence Expenditures and Atomic Weapons worldwide, Reorganizing and Streamlining the United Nations, Limiting Executive Salaries.

Hellyer summarizes his three most important directions: return the control and creation of money to the public interest, taking it out of the hands of private banking; stop the exploitation of the earth’s fossil fuel resources in order to halt global warming; provide full disclosure of the extraterrestrial presence and their advanced technology in order to benefit the public and remove its harmful exploitation by the cabal.

My only criticism is that he does not acknowledge the role of the cabal in the devastating geo-engineering of the environment using the advanced technology at their disposal in manipulation of weather and the atmosphere causing hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, tsunamis. He has omitted reference to the deliberate spraying of harmful chemicals into earth’s atmosphere. (Look up! Look up!) He does not discuss what they are spraying or why. He does not reference the fact that weather warfare exists and is being used as a tool to tyrannize countries (and maybe is an attempt to conquer space control and extraterrestrial life.). It is no longer just, “We can bomb countries out of existence.” It is now, “We can destroy them with drought, deluge, wind, or earthquake.” A Japanese politician confirmed the use of such threats before the Fukushima disaster.

In my opinion, Hellyer’s urgent concern re global warming is flawed because he fails to recognize geo-engineering as the culprit. The calamitous environmental destruction is real and rapid! Geo-engineering is the culprit. It must be stopped.

Still, his urgent message on all other respects is on point and compelling.

In my many years of learning about the evil side of globalization, its power structure and agenda, and sharing what I learned, the common question always came back, “But what can we do about it?” Those of us communicating on the issues answered: “Learn! Be informed! Know that power is within each of us.”

A recurring response was, “Well, what does that mean? How do we find our power, and how do we use it to halt the evil overtaking the world?” I struggled with how to answer. Now I think I know. Hellyer’s The Money Mafia gives me confidence that what I think on this is the way. His information therein about visitors from “starry realms”, and full disclosure about them, and their technology, and the disclosure of the usurpation of that technology by the “money mafia” is the key.

Hellyer has connected those dots well. The power and control of this planet is totally out of the hands of responsible government. It is totally in the hands of unaccountable privatized military, and industrial and banking cartels. The source of their incredible power is the extremely advanced technology at their disposal from downed spaceships which they have co-opted, studied, and reverse- engineered for decades funded by taxpayer trillions. This is the biggest secret of all time. They use the technology in military conquest for world domination and power and greed which process is killing the earth and its peoples. Deals have been made with other world beings which our side have breached respecting the disclosure of the technology which could save this planet from the environmental destruction the military industrial banking complex is creating. The technology could be used for housing, transportation, health, energy— providing earth’s creatures with comfort and peace and happiness as exist elsewhere in the cosmos. But it is used for destruction and conquest.

Hellyer expertly presents information on the evidence of reliable sources, from military to aeronautical, to scientists, to human contactees, most of whom have been sworn to silence based on “national security”, or, worse yet, reprisals and death.

But disclosure of the extraterrestrial existence and its relevance to us has been happening incrementally over time. This book is an example of that.

Hellyer pulls no punches on disclosing who the “money mafia” are, their evil, and the fact that no powerful politician any longer serves us, the masses of the world. They cannot under “money mafia” rule! No political leader of any political stripe gets where he/ she is unless he does as he /she is told by the “money mafia”, those who rule. Hellyer calls them the Three Sisters- the Bilderbugers, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations. They manipulate, coerce, and lie to the public to accomplish their ends.

At page 246 Hellyer points out that there are two governments in the U.S. — the permanent and the provisional. The permanent is the secular oligarchy that comprises the Fortune 500 companies and lobbyists, the civil and military services, the larger research facilities and law firms, public relations firms, the international banks with close ties to the Fed, the World Treasury Department, the IMF, and the World Bank, the Bretton Woods institutions and the State Department, the information conglomerates that blur the lines between the manufacture of news, and culture and its dissemination. “These are all parts of the permanent government that holds the reins of power. It is a power camouflaged by the antics of the politicians comprising the provisional government.”

Hellyer refers to the permanent government as the “cabal”, the shadow government. He reminds us of President Clinton’s comment to a reporter that that there is a government within the government that he does not control. So, the President is not in control. Nor is the Congress in control even though it approves hundreds of billions on Black Ops that it is not even aware of.

The evil of the cabal is incredible. My information from other sources tells me that now the “money mafia” are implementing mind control on which they have been experimenting for years with HAARP and chemtrails (geo-engineering). Also, they are creating and releasing viruses to make and keep people sick and weak. Why does a patent on the Ebola virus exist in the U.S.? A sick, weak, dumbed down public will not resist because it cannot resist or make change.

Fortunes are made in mass vaccinations. There is a plan unfolding re mass compulsory harmful vaccinations in the U.S. re Ebola, HIV, Polio and other combined vaccines, vaccination cards reminiscent of Nazi Germany, and quarantine for refusal to submit. Canadians must not be smug because Canada now follows the U.S. protocol on command. There is no question that the human masses are under attack by the “money mafia”.

Hellyer juxtaposes the “money mafia” power and control with the potential for salvation through disclosure about the technology from space, and more importantly, the fact of the existence of other civilizations out there— how they live and govern. Why? Because the money mafia will lose their power and control if we learn what they know and withhold from us. They fear our reaction to their lies. But therein lies our power.

Here is the crunch. There exists a Galactic Federation. Earth is a tiny part of the cosmos but is a jewel in its capacities as a planet. Earth humans are one kind of Being. The Galactic Federation is concerned that those in control of earth are rapidly destroying it by the military use of the technology they have reverse engineered. Their rapacious use of nuclear technology is a threat not only to earth but to space.

It is said that the Galactic Federation has the power to intervene on earth to assist in transferring the power into the hands of those who will share for the benefit of all, but a policy of non interference in free will and self determination exists. We cannot sit around twiddling our thumbs waiting for a knight in shining armor. We have to show our own mettle. Humans have to decide we will not tolerate the power being held and used as it is. We have to decide we do not want that destruction, and we will not allow it. We must show our intention to live otherwise, and to share the technology for the benefit of everyone, not for a few.

So, back to the fundamental question: how do we do this? Be informed! Say “No More”! The outrage of a fully informed public will terminate the “end game” of the cabal. A fully informed public will end the rule of the military /industrial /financial complex. Iceland has done it. Iceland jailed its fraudulent bankers and said NO to the IMF. Iceland is thriving.

Hellyer has taken a major step in writing this book. First, we must have knowledge. He gives us knowledge. What he and others like him have been telling us seems incredible. We must satisfy ourselves by studying the evidence presented. I am satisfied.

Hellyer tells us at page 172 to fulfill our responsibilities as citizens by going to and watch the proceedings until we are convinced of the reality of UFO’s and the ET presence. This is important to do because the next step of the cabal is to fake an attack from space. They can do this because they have perfected the reverse-engineering of spaceships to the extent that they have duplicated them. Hellyer advises us to ignore that whole new show as being one more monstrous deception. In so doing, he says we can finally strike out the New World Order Pretenders.

Next, I say we must follow all the other excellent, fascinating work ongoing exposing the evil in process by the power structure, like mind control which suppresses thought and resistance. Activists say that is part of what chemtrails are about (as well as climate manipulation). Orwell’s thought-police apparatus is being implemented. A conference in Brussels on this Agenda is set for November, 20 2014.

Further, we must inform ourselves of what really happened on 9/11. At pages 167 and 168 Hellyer sets out the evidence of Dr. Judy Wood that the buildings were not crushed or pulverized, nor were they heated to the point where they vaporized. They mostly were turned to dust in midair, or dustified. This proves that a technology that can cause such a thing to happen does exist. It is a technology that is capable of providing enormous quantities of free energy. We can be free from being slaves to the energy industry. Free energy is already here, but it has been used for evil purposes, not good. The buildings did not come down because they were hit by planes. “They did not collapse from fire nor from bombs in the building,(or conventional controlled demolition),” said an eye witness. ”They were turned to powder in mid-air.”

Dr Judy Wood wrote in Where Did the Towers Go? “There were 14 survivors in Stairway B of WTC1; when the dust cleared they looked up to see blue sky and walked out on their own. If the building had collapsed, they would have been crushed. If fires or high heat had caused the destruction, they would have been cooked to death and people in southern Manhattan would have been blinded by the light from the tremendous heat required to destroy the building.”

Hellyer tells us that the events of 9/11 were “an attack on human consciousness that affected the whole planet. Hundreds of years of hard won victories against the arbitrary rule of tyrants went down the tube in an infamous day that crowned and confirmed the cult of deceit and disinformation that had become endemic since WW2.”

Why follow all this and keep learning? Because the cabal will run when they know we know; when we say, “No! No more!”

Where is the action or activism in that? The action is in the process of your will and determination being set to live a different way – a way of peace and prosperity for all, not a few. This intention that is building around the world is a way to transmit our request for Galactic Assistance in our reach for a better and different world. (My words, not Hellyer’s). Our will to live otherwise on this planet is manifested by our learning and our intention. This is how we access the Galactic aid— by peaceful intent fuelled by our knowledge, and by our refusal to submit to fear and mind control. This is not just thinking thoughts. We are acting when we learn and share and participate in conferences and talk about the truth. To refuse to stand down or submit is action. In other words, we carry on our various forms of activism! I do not deny that there have been and will be circumstances that extract a great personal sacrifice from some. The whistle blower, Snowden, has not had it easy, but his contribution has been phenomenal. How each of us deals with any efforts to force vaccinations on us may be difficult.

We must resist with knowledge and the refusal to accept the lies as we did for H1N1. We need knowledge before we can take any action wisely. Alternative medicine sites tell us that colloidal silver and vitamin C prevent and cure Ebola. The inhumanity of CODEX that limits and criminalizes natural supplements is part of the agenda of the cabal to eliminate many of us “useless eaters” as Brezinsky (I think it was) called the masses. .

Hellyer’s chapter on “The Two Americas” outlines the rapid destruction by the globalists of the good life as it was in the USA. It is a frightening depiction. At one point he wonders whether the German fascist leaders are, in fact, still in control since their best scientists and best thinkers were imported into the US at the end of WW2 to provide ongoing control. My own husband, Harry Rankin, deceased, who fought in WW2 and was wounded there twice said, “We thought we defeated the Fascists, only now to discover that they never went away.”

We face an evil future of subservience and suffering for those of the masses who will be allowed to live as slaves to the elite few, (provided the cabal does not blow up this earth in its abuse of power and technology.) The movie Elysium portrays such a world, one with the elite living off-planet in an abundance with phenomenal technology including machines that cure all diseases all of which is denied to the surviving servile masses who occupy an environmentally ravaged earth.

But it does not have to be. That is Hellyer’s message.

Hellyer’s book has motivated me to lay it out to you as I see it. We can manifest our will to live otherwise by being informed and sharing our knowledge of what is going on, and by saying NO to the cabal. We must protect our minds. We must reject the manipulation that caused one young woman in England immediately after the 9/11 event to say,“I have to give up my liberty to be free”.

We can learn how to communicate telepathically to the Galactic Federation in order to be a part of a peaceful existence of abundance on this earth which is capable of such a bounty. We can demonstrate our intent by accepting no excuses from the vapid politicians, and by refusing to be ruled by fear even though we may feel it deeply.

Despite the evil perpetrated against the earth and human beings, extraterrestrials recommend against retribution. Hellyer refers to a message from extraterrestrials to grant amnesty to the “civilians and members of the armed forces who have broken numerous laws in the course of what they were led to believe was their duty”. This comes from a book by Jim Sparks in an interview with many extraterrestrials entitled The Keepers: an Alien Message for the Human Race .

Hellyer says that the extraterrestrials admitted that serious crimes had been committed, but not by them. “They urged amnesty in the interests of disclosure,” writes Hellyer. But he says, “While a total amnesty may be appropriate for most misdemeanors, it may be considered inappropriate in cases of murder, or complicity in mass murder like 9/11 where lack of some punishment could not be justified.”

Hellyer contends that the year 2014 is the Year of Decision for Humankind. He quotes some key points from the story of Charlie Paz Wells and his brother who had been in direct contact with several species from afar. “…there are more than 80 different civilizations interacting within our solar system, all of which have gone through an evolutionary process. Now there is peace in the universe and they want to keep it that way. Earth and human beings are going through their own evolutionary process and

are unstable. Humans risk destroying themselves and their planet. Humanity is not in balance with the universe, and the universal laws that control it. The extraterrestrials explained that they want to help us realize that we are not alone and that there is a better way of living and evolving that is sustainable. But before they give us the tools and technology to continue our evolution, they need to be assured that whatever they do for us must be used for ALL humanity. Not just for those in power who will use it to further their own agenda.” Hellyer says they were told in 1974 that in 30+ 10 years we would reach our own year of decision, our watershed when we would have to change our ways dramatically or it would be too late to reverse the trend and we would be subject to great calamities.

Hellyer says, “We are writing our own history day by day, and will determine our future by the choices we make and the actions that we take or fail to take.”

From what I read and follow, I know there is much good work on-going. The “money mafia” is running hard to stay ahead of this good work which will defeat them. I think that the whistle blowers and the powerful good intentions are stronger than the “money mafia”, but only because the whistle blowers and exposers, like Hellyer, do exist. And they do. They do “blow” and they do “expose” courageously.

Many of us are paying attention. We are learning and reaching for that better way of living. We are saying no to vaccines, no to geo-engineering, no to chemtrails, no to mind control, no to private creation and control of money.

In comment I have focused on the extraterrestrial information and technology in this book because that is what resonates for me. But there is so much more here on the power structure in the world and its direction which will resonate with everyone. It is knowledge— knowledge essential to handle this watershed.

The Money Mafia- A World in Crisis is available on

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“PUTIN” A Man of Moral Integrity or just another Puppet Playing His Part???

Putin: World War Is Inevitable

At This Point

Friday, October 31, 2014 7:35

(Before It’s News)

As the tide shifts back to war, because of winter nearing, Putin now states that war is inevitable in the following speech. The facts are that this world war is planned, it has been planned from the very beginning all the way from Pike’s letter about a world war in the 1800’s, which you can see at the bottom of this post. The planning of this war goes back further than that however. This is a biblical war that will be waged. This is the war of the End Times.

Crusaders2127 Video

As winter nears, war gets closer because of a timeline that parts of Europe will run out of resources for the winter. Russia recently enacted an embargo in the Arctic and is practically a declaration of war. The other part of this is the FACT that during this time if Ebola remains in America, which it will, then it will be able to spread just like influenza A. These are the days.

Below are the 10 main points posted by, “The Russian blogger chipstone summarized the most salient points from Putin speech as follows:

1. Russia will no longer play games and engage in back-room negotiations over trifles. But Russia is prepared for serious conversations and agreements, if these are conducive to collective security, are based on fairness and take into account the interests of each side.

2. All systems of global collective security now lie in ruins. There are no longer any international security guarantees at all. And the entity that destroyed them has a name: The United States of America.

3. The builders of the New World Order have failed, having built a sand castle. Whether or not a new world order of any sort is to be built is not just Russia’s decision, but it is a decision that will not be made without Russia.

4. Russia favors a conservative approach to introducing innovations into the social order, but is not opposed to investigating and discussing such innovations, to see if introducing any of them might be justified.

5. Russia has no intention of going fishing in the murky waters created by America’s ever-expanding “empire of chaos,” and has no interest in building a new empire of her own (this is unnecessary; Russia’s challenges lie in developing her already vast territory). Neither is Russia willing to act as a savior of the world, as she had in the past.

6. Russia will not attempt to reformat the world in her own image, but neither will she allow anyone to reformat her in their image. Russia will not close herself off from the world, but anyone who tries to close her off from the world will be sure to reap a whirlwind.

7. Russia does not wish for the chaos to spread, does not want war, and has no intention of starting one. However, today Russia sees the outbreak of global war as almost inevitable, is prepared for it, and is continuing to prepare for it. Russia does not war—nor does she fear it.

8. Russia does not intend to take an active role in thwarting those who are still attempting to construct their New World Order—until their efforts start to impinge on Russia’s key interests. Russia would prefer to stand by and watch them give themselves as many lumps as their poor heads can take. But those who manage to drag Russia into this process, through disregard for her interests, will be taught the true meaning of pain.

9. In her external, and, even more so, internal politics, Russia’s power will rely not on the elites and their back-room dealing, but on the will of the people.

To these nine points I would like to add a tenth:

10. There is still a chance to construct a new world order that will avoid a world war. This new world order must of necessity include the United States—but can only do so on the same terms as everyone else: subject to international law and international agreements; refraining from all unilateral action; in full respect of the sovereignty of other nations.”

Putin’s full speech: Video


To sum it all up: play-time is over. Children, put away your toys. Now is the time for the adults to make decisions. Russia is ready for this; is the world?

Text of Vladimir Putin’s speech and a question and answer session at the final plenary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club’s XI session in Sochi on 24 October 2014.

It was mentioned already that the club has new co-organizers this year. They include Russian non-governmental organizations, expert groups and leading universities. The idea was also raised of broadening the discussions to include not just issues related to Russia itself but also global politics and the economy.

An organization and content will bolster the club’s influence as a leading discussion and expert forum. At the same time, I hope the ‘Valdai spirit’ will remain – this free and open atmosphere and chance to express all manner of very different and frank opinions.

Let me say in this respect that I will also not let you down and will speak directly and frankly. Some of what I say might seem a bit too harsh, but if we do not speak directly and honestly about what we really think, then there is little point in even meeting in this way. It would be better in that case just to keep to diplomatic get-together, where no one says anything of real sense and, recalling the words of one famous diplomat, you realize that diplomats have tongues so as not to speak the truth.
We get together for other reasons. We get together so as to talk frankly with each other. We need to be direct and blunt today not so as to trade barbs, but so as to attempt to get to the bottom of what is actually happening in the world, try to understand why the world is becoming less safe and more unpredictable, and why the risks are increasing everywhere around us.

Today’s discussion took place under the theme: New Rules or a Game without Rules. I think that this formula accurately describes the historic turning point we have reached today and the choice we all face. There is nothing new of course in the idea that the world is changing very fast. I know this is something you have spoken about at the discussions today. It is certainly hard not to notice the dramatic transformations in global politics and the economy, public life, and in industry, information and social technologies.

Let me ask you right now to forgive me if I end up repeating what some of the discussion’s participants have already said. It’s practically impossible to avoid. You have already held detailed discussions, but I will set out my point of view. It will coincide with other participants’ views on some points and differ on others.

As we analyze today’s situation, let us not forget history’s lessons. First of all, changes in the world order – and what we are seeing today are events on this scale – have usually been accompanied by if not global war and conflict, then by chains of intensive local-level conflicts. Second, global politics is above all about economic leadership, issues of war and peace, and the humanitarian dimension, including human rights.

The world is full of contradictions today. We need to be frank in asking each other if we have a reliable safety net in place. Sadly, there is no guarantee and no certainty that the current system of global and regional security is able to protect us from upheavals. This system has become seriously weakened, fragmented and deformed. The international and regional political, economic, and cultural cooperation organizations are also going through difficult times.

Yes, many of the mechanisms we have for ensuring the world order were created quite a long time ago now, including and above all in the period immediately following World War II. Let me stress that the solidity of the system created back then rested not only on the balance of power and the rights of the victor countries, but on the fact that this system’s ‘founding fathers’ had respect for each other, did not try to put the squeeze on others, but attempted to reach agreements.

The main thing is that this system needs to develop, and despite its various shortcomings, needs to at least be capable of keeping the world’s current problems within certain limits and regulating the intensity of the natural competition between countries.

It is my conviction that we could not take this mechanism of checks and balances that we built over the last decades, sometimes with such effort and difficulty, and simply tear it apart without building anything in its place. Otherwise we would be left with no instruments other than brute force.

What we needed to do was to carry out a rational reconstruction and adapt it the new realities in the system of international relations.

But the United States, having declared itself the winner of the Cold War, saw no need for this. Instead of establishing a new balance of power, essential for maintaining order and stability, they took steps that threw the system into sharp and deep imbalance.

The Cold War ended, but it did not end with the signing of a peace treaty with clear and transparent agreements on respecting existing rules or creating new rules and standards. This created the impression that the so-called ‘victors’ in the Cold War had decided to pressure events and reshape the world to suit their own needs and interests. If the existing system of international relations, international law and the checks and balances in place got in the way of these aims, this system was declared worthless, outdated and in need of immediate demolition.

Pardon the analogy, but this is the way nouveaux riches behave when they suddenly end up with a great fortune, in this case, in the shape of world leadership and domination. Instead of managing their wealth wisely, for their own benefit too of course, I think they have committed many follies.

We have entered a period of differing interpretations and deliberate silences in world politics. International law has been forced to retreat over and over by the onslaught of legal nihilism. Objectivity and justice have been sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. Arbitrary interpretations and biased assessments have replaced legal norms. At the same time, total control of the global mass media has made it possible when desired to portray white as black and black as white.

In a situation where you had domination by one country and its allies, or its satellites rather, the search for global solutions often turned into an attempt to impose their own universal recipes. This group’s ambitions grew so big that they started presenting the policies they put together in their corridors of power as the view of the entire international community. But this is not the case.

The very notion of ‘national sovereignty’ became a relative value for most countries. In essence, what was being proposed was the formula: the greater the loyalty towards the world’s sole power center, the greater this or that ruling regime’s legitimacy.

We will have a free discussion afterwards and I will be happy to answer your questions and would also like to use my right to ask you questions. Let someone try to disprove the arguments that I just set out during the upcoming discussion.

The measures taken against those who refuse to submit are well-known and have been tried and tested many times. They include use of force, economic and propaganda pressure, meddling in domestic affairs, and appeals to a kind of ‘supra-legal’ legitimacy when they need to justify illegal intervention in this or that conflict or toppling inconvenient regimes. Of late, we have increasing evidence too that outright blackmail has been used with regard to a number of leaders. It is not for nothing that ‘big brother’ is spending billions of dollars on keeping the whole world, including its own closest allies, under surveillance.

Let’s ask ourselves, how comfortable are we with this, how safe are we, how happy living in this world, and how fair and rational has it become? Maybe, we have no real reasons to worry, argue and ask awkward questions? Maybe the United States’ exceptional position and the way they are carrying out their leadership really is a blessing for us all, and their meddling in events all around the world is bringing peace, prosperity, progress, growth and democracy, and we should maybe just relax and enjoy it all?

Let me say that this is not the case, absolutely not the case.

A unilateral diktat and imposing one’s own models produces the opposite result. Instead of settling conflicts it leads to their escalation, instead of sovereign and stable states we see the growing spread of chaos, and instead of democracy there is support for a very dubious public ranging from open neo-fascists to Islamic radicals.

Why do they support such people? They do this because they decide to use them as instruments along the way in achieving their goals but then burn their fingers and recoil. I never cease to be amazed by the way that our partners just keep stepping on the same rake, as we say here in Russia, that is to say, make the same mistake over and over.

They once sponsored Islamic extremist movements to fight the Soviet Union. Those groups got their battle experience in Afghanistan and later gave birth to the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. The West if not supported, at least closed its eyes, and, I would say, gave information, political and financial support to international terrorists’ invasion of Russia (we have not forgotten this) and the Central Asian region’s countries. Only after horrific terrorist attacks were committed on US soil itself did the United States wake up to the common threat of terrorism. Let me remind you that we were the first country to support the American people back then, the first to react as friends and partners to the terrible tragedy of September 11.

During my conversations with American and European leaders, I always spoke of the need to fight terrorism together, as a challenge on a global scale. We cannot resign ourselves to and accept this threat, cannot cut it into separate pieces using double standards. Our partners expressed agreement, but a little time passed and we ended up back where we started. First there was the military operation in Iraq, then in Libya, which got pushed to the brink of falling apart. Why was Libya pushed into this situation? Today it is a country in danger of breaking apart and has become a training ground for terrorists.

Only the current Egyptian leadership’s determination and wisdom saved this key Arab country from chaos and having extremists run rampant. In Syria, as in the past, the United States and its allies started directly financing and arming rebels and allowing them to fill their ranks with mercenaries from various countries. Let me ask where do these rebels get their money, arms and military specialists? Where does all this come from? How did the notorious ISIL manage to become such a powerful group, essentially a real armed force?  

As for financing sources, today, the money is coming not just from drugs, production of which has increased not just by a few percentage points but many-fold, since the international coalition forces have been present in Afghanistan. You are aware of this. The terrorists are getting money from selling oil too. Oil is produced in territory controlled by the terrorists, who sell it at dumping prices, produce it and transport it. But someone buys this oil, resells it, and makes a profit from it, not thinking about the fact that they are thus financing terrorists who could come sooner or later to their own soil and sow destruction in their own countries.

Where do they get new recruits? In Iraq, after Saddam Hussein was toppled, the state’s institutions, including the army, were left in ruins. We said back then, be very, very careful. You are driving people out into the street, and what will they do there? Don’t forget (rightfully or not) that they were in the leadership of a large regional power, and what are you now turning them into?

What was the result? Tens of thousands of soldiers, officers and former Baath Party activists were turned out into the streets and today have joined the rebels’ ranks. Perhaps this is what explains why the Islamic State group has turned out so effective? In military terms, it is acting very effectively and has some very professional people. Russia warned repeatedly about the dangers of unilateral military actions, intervening in sovereign states’ affairs, and flirting with extremists and radicals. We insisted on having the groups fighting the central Syrian government, above all the Islamic State, included on the lists of terrorist organizations. But did we see any results? We appealed in vain.

We sometimes get the impression that our colleagues and friends are constantly fighting the consequences of their own policies, throw all their effort into addressing the risks they themselves have created, and pay an ever-greater price.

Colleagues, this period of unipolar domination has convincingly demonstrated that having only one power center does not make global processes more manageable. On the contrary, this kind of unstable construction has shown its inability to fight the real threats such as regional conflicts, terrorism, drug trafficking, religious fanaticism, chauvinism and neo-Nazism. At the same time, it has opened the road wide for inflated national pride, manipulating public opinion and letting the strong bully and suppress the weak.

Essentially, the unipolar world is simply a means of justifying dictatorship over people and countries. The unipolar world turned out too uncomfortable, heavy and unmanageable a burden even for the self-proclaimed leader. Comments along this line were made here just before and I fully agree with this. This is why we see attempts at this new historic stage to recreate a semblance of a quasi-bipolar world as a convenient model for perpetuating American leadership. It does not matter who takes the place of the center of evil in American propaganda, the USSR’s old place as the main adversary. It could be Iran, as a country seeking to acquire nuclear technology, China, as the world’s biggest economy, or Russia, as a nuclear superpower.

Today, we are seeing new efforts to fragment the world, draw new dividing lines, put together coalitions not built for something but directed against someone, anyone, create the image of an enemy as was the case during the Cold War years, and obtain the right to this leadership, or diktat if you wish. The situation was presented this way during the Cold War. We all understand this and know this. The United States always told its allies: “We have a common enemy, a terrible foe, the center of evil, and we are defending you, our allies, from this foe, and so we have the right to order you around, force you to sacrifice your political and economic interests and pay your share of the costs for this collective defense, but we will be the ones in charge of it all of course.” In short, we see today attempts in a new and changing world to reproduce the familiar models of global management, and all this so as to guarantee their [the US’] exceptional position and reap political and economic dividends.

But these attempts are increasingly divorced from reality and are in contradiction with the world’s diversity. Steps of this kind inevitably create confrontation and countermeasures and have the opposite effect to the hoped-for goals. We see what happens when politics rashly starts meddling in the economy and the logic of rational decisions gives way to the logic of confrontation that only hurt one’s own economic positions and interests, including national business interests.

Joint economic projects and mutual investment objectively bring countries closer together and help to smooth out current problems in relations between states. But today, the global business community faces unprecedented pressure from Western governments. What business, economic expediency and pragmatism can we speak of when we hear slogans such as “the homeland is in danger”, “the free world is under threat”, and “democracy is in jeopardy”? And so everyone needs to mobilize. That is what a real mobilization policy looks like.

Sanctions are already undermining the foundations of world trade, the WTO rules and the principle of inviolability of private property. They are dealing a blow to liberal model of globalization based on markets, freedom and competition, which, let me note, is a model that has primarily benefited precisely the Western countries. And now they risk losing trust as the leaders of globalization. We have to ask ourselves, why was this necessary? After all, the United States’ prosperity rests in large part on the trust of investors and foreign holders of dollars and US securities. This trust is clearly being undermined and signs of disappointment in the fruits of globalization are visible now in many countries.   The well-known Cyprus precedent and the politically motivated sanctions have only strengthened the trend towards seeking to bolster economic and financial sovereignty and countries’ or their regional groups’ desire to find ways of protecting themselves from the risks of outside pressure. We already see that more and more countries are looking for ways to become less dependent on the dollar and are setting up alternative financial and payments systems and reserve currencies. I think that our American friends are quite simply cutting the branch they are sitting on. You cannot mix politics and the economy, but this is what is happening now. I have always thought and still think today that politically motivated sanctions were a mistake that will harm everyone, but I am sure that we will come back to this subject later.

We know how these decisions were taken and who was applying the pressure. But let me stress that Russia is not going to get all worked up, get offended or come begging at anyone’s door. Russia is a self-sufficient country. We will work within the foreign economic environment that has taken shape, develop domestic production and technology and act more decisively to carry out transformation. Pressure from outside, as has been the case on past occasions, will only consolidate our society, keep us alert and make us concentrate on our main development goals.

Of course the sanctions are a hindrance. They are trying to hurt us through these sanctions, block our development and push us into political, economic and cultural isolation, force us into backwardness in other words. But let me say yet again that the world is a very different place today. We have no intention of shutting ourselves off from anyone and choosing some kind of closed development road, trying to live in autarky. We are always open to dialogue, including on normalizing our economic and political relations. We are counting here on the pragmatic approach and position of business communities in the leading countries.

Some are saying today that Russia is supposedly turning its back on Europe – such words were probably spoken already here too during the discussions – and is looking for new business partners, above all in Asia. Let me say that this is absolutely not the case. Our active policy in the Asian-Pacific region began not just yesterday and not in response to sanctions, but is a policy that we have been following for a good many years now. Like many other countries, including Western countries, we saw that Asia is playing an ever greater role in the world, in the economy and in politics, and there is simply no way we can afford to overlook these developments.

Let me say again that everyone is doing this, and we will do so to, all the more so as a large part of our country is geographically in Asia. Why should we not make use of our competitive advantages in this area? It would be extremely shortsighted not to do so.

Developing economic ties with these countries and carrying out joint integration projects also creates big incentives for our domestic development. Today’s demographic, economic and cultural trends all suggest that dependence on a sole superpower will objectively decrease. This is something that European and American experts have been talking and writing about too.

Perhaps developments in global politics will mirror the developments we are seeing in the global economy, namely, intensive competition for specific niches and frequent change of leaders in specific areas. This is entirely possible.

There is no doubt that humanitarian factors such as education, science, healthcare and culture are playing a greater role in global competition. This also has a big impact on international relations, including because this ‘soft power’ resource will depend to a great extent on real achievements in developing human capital rather than on sophisticated propaganda tricks.

At the same time, the formation of a so-called polycentric world (I would also like to draw attention to this, colleagues) in and of itself does not improve stability; in fact, it is more likely to be the opposite. The goal of reaching global equilibrium is turning into a fairly difficult puzzle, an equation with many unknowns.
So, what is in store for us if we choose not to live by the rules – even if they may be strict and inconvenient – but rather live without any rules at all? And that scenario is entirely possible; we cannot rule it out, given the tensions in the global situation. Many predictions can already be made, taking into account current trends, and unfortunately, they are not optimistic. If we do not create a clear system of mutual commitments and agreements, if we do not build the mechanisms for managing and resolving crisis situations, the symptoms of global anarchy will inevitably grow.

Today, we already see a sharp increase in the likelihood of a whole set of violent conflicts with either direct or indirect participation by the world’s major powers. And the risk factors include not just traditional multinational conflicts, but also the internal instability in separate states, especially when we talk about nations located at the intersections of major states’ geopolitical interests, or on the border of cultural, historical, and economic civilizational continents.

Ukraine, which I’m sure was discussed at length and which we will discuss some more, is one of the example of such sorts of conflicts that affect international power balance, and I think it will certainly not be the last. From here emanates the next real threat of destroying the current system of arms control agreements. And this dangerous process was launched by the United States of America when it unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty in 2002, and then set about and continues today to actively pursue the creation of its global missile defense system.

Colleagues, friends, I want to point out that we did not start this. Once again, we are sliding into the times when, instead of the balance of interests and mutual guarantees, it is fear and the balance of mutual destruction that prevent nations from engaging in direct conflict. In absence of legal and political instruments, arms are once again becoming the focal point of the global agenda; they are used wherever and however, without any UN Security Council sanctions. And if the Security Council refuses to produce such decisions, then it is immediately declared to be an outdated and ineffective instrument.

Many states do not see any other ways of ensuring their sovereignty but to obtain their own bombs. This is extremely dangerous. We insist on continuing talks; we are not only in favor of talks, but insist on continuing talks to reduce nuclear arsenals. The less nuclear weapons we have in the world, the better. And we are ready for the most serious, concrete discussions on nuclear disarmament – but only serious discussions without any double standards.

What do I mean? Today, many types of high-precision weaponry are already close to mass-destruction weapons in terms of their capabilities, and in the event of full renunciation of nuclear weapons or radical reduction of nuclear potential, nations that are leaders in creating and producing high-precision systems will have a clear military advantage. Strategic parity will be disrupted, and this is likely to bring destabilization. The use of a so-called first global pre-emptive strike may become tempting. In short, the risks do not decrease, but intensify.

The next obvious threat is the further escalation of ethnic, religious, and social conflicts. Such conflicts are dangerous not only as such, but also because they create zones of anarchy, lawlessness, and chaos around them, places that are comfortable for terrorists and criminals, where piracy, human trafficking, and drug trafficking flourish.

Incidentally, at the time, our colleagues tried to somehow manage these processes, use regional conflicts and design ‘color revolutions’ to suit their interests, but the genie escaped the bottle. It looks like the controlled chaos theory fathers themselves do not know what to do with it; there is disarray in their ranks.

We closely follow the discussions by both the ruling elite and the expert community. It is enough to look at the headlines of the Western press over the last year. The same people are called fighters for democracy, and then Islamists; first they write about revolutions and then call them riots and upheavals. The result is obvious: the further expansion of global chaos.

Colleagues, given the global situation, it is time to start agreeing on fundamental things. This is incredibly important and necessary; this is much better than going back to our own corners. The more we all face common problems, the more we find ourselves in the same boat, so to speak. And the logical way out is in cooperation between nations, societies, in finding collective answers to increasing challenges, and in joint risk management. Granted, some of our partners, for some reason, remember this only when it suits their interests.

Practical experience shows that joint answers to challenges are not always a panacea; and we need to understand this. Moreover, in most cases, they are hard to reach; it is not easy to overcome the differences in national interests, the subjectivity of different approaches, particularly when it comes to nations with different cultural and historical traditions. But nevertheless, we have examples when, having common goals and acting based on the same criteria, together we achieved real success.

Let me remind you about solving the problem of chemical weapons in Syria, and the substantive dialogue on the Iranian nuclear program, as well as our work on North Korean issues, which also has some positive results. Why can’t we use this experience in the future to solve local and global challenges?
What could be the legal, political, and economic basis for a new world order that would allow for stability and security, while encouraging healthy competition, not allowing the formation of new monopolies that hinder development? It is unlikely that someone could provide absolutely exhaustive, ready-made solutions right now. We will need extensive work with participation by a wide range of governments, global businesses, civil society, and such expert platforms as ours.

However, it is obvious that success and real results are only possible if key participants in international affairs can agree on harmonizing basic interests, on reasonable self-restraint, and set the example of positive and responsible leadership. We must clearly identify where unilateral actions end and we need to apply multilateral mechanisms, and as part of improving the effectiveness of international law, we must resolve the dilemma between the actions by international community to ensure security and human rights and the principle of national sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of any state.

Those very collisions increasingly lead to arbitrary external interference in complex internal processes, and time and again, they provoke dangerous conflicts between leading global players. The issue of maintaining sovereignty becomes almost paramount in maintaining and strengthening global stability.

Clearly, discussing the criteria for the use of external force is extremely difficult; it is practically impossible to separate it from the interests of particular nations. However, it is far more dangerous when there are no agreements that are clear to everyone, when no clear conditions are set for necessary and legal interference.

I will add that international relations must be based on international law, which itself should rest on moral principles such as justice, equality and truth. Perhaps most important is respect for one’s partners and their interests. This is an obvious formula, but simply following it could radically change the global situation.

I am certain that if there is a will, we can restore the effectiveness of the international and regional institutions system. We do not even need to build anything anew, from the scratch; this is not a “greenfield,” especially since the institutions created after World War II are quite universal and can be given modern substance, adequate to manage the current situation.

This is true of improving the work of the UN, whose central role is irreplaceable, as well as the OSCE, which, over the course of 40 years, has proven to be a necessary mechanism for ensuring security and cooperation in the Euro-Atlantic region. I must say that even now, in trying to resolve the crisis in southeast Ukraine, the OSCE is playing a very positive role.

In light of the fundamental changes in the international environment, the increase in uncontrollability and various threats, we need a new global consensus of responsible forces. It’s not about some local deals or a division of spheres of influence in the spirit of classic diplomacy, or somebody’s complete global domination. I think that we need a new version of interdependence. We should not be afraid of it. On the contrary, this is a good instrument for harmonizing positions.

This is particularly relevant given the strengthening and growth of certain regions on the planet, which process objectively requires institutionalization of such new poles, creating powerful regional organizations and developing rules for their interaction. Cooperation between these centers would seriously add to the stability of global security, policy and economy.  But in order to establish such a dialogue, we need to proceed from the assumption that all regional centers and integration projects forming around them need to have equal rights to development, so that they can complement each other and nobody can force them into conflict or opposition artificially. Such destructive actions would break down ties between states, and the states themselves would be subjected to extreme hardship, or perhaps even total destruction.

I would like to remind you of the last year’s events. We have told our American and European partners that hasty backstage decisions, for example, on Ukraine’s association with the EU, are fraught with serious risks to the economy. We didn’t even say anything about politics; we spoke only about the economy, saying that such steps, made without any prior arrangements, touch on the interests of many other nations, including Russia as Ukraine’s main trade partner, and that a wide discussion of the issues is necessary. Incidentally, in this regard, I will remind you that, for example, the talks on Russia’s accession to the WTO lasted 19 years. This was very difficult work, and a certain consensus was reached.

Why am I bringing this up? Because in implementing Ukraine’s association project, our partners would come to us with their goods and services through the back gate, so to speak, and we did not agree to this, nobody asked us about this. We had discussions on all topics related to Ukraine’s association with the EU, persistent discussions, but I want to stress that this was done in an entirely civilized manner, indicating possible problems, showing the obvious reasoning and arguments. Nobody wanted to listen to us and nobody wanted to talk. They simply told us: this is none of your business, point, end of discussion. Instead of a comprehensive but – I stress – civilized dialogue, it all came down to a government overthrow; they plunged the country into chaos, into economic and social collapse, into a civil war with enormous casualties.

Why? When I ask my colleagues why, they no longer have an answer; nobody says anything. That’s it. Everyone’s at a loss, saying it just turned out that way. Those actions should not have been encouraged – it wouldn’t have worked. After all (I already spoke about this), former Ukrainian President Yanukovych signed everything, agreed with everything. Why do it? What was the point? What is this, a civilized way of solving problems? Apparently, those who constantly throw together new ‘color revolutions’ consider themselves ‘brilliant artists’ and simply cannot stop.

I am certain that the work of integrated associations, the cooperation of regional structures, should be built on a transparent, clear basis; the Eurasian Economic Union’s formation process is a good example of such transparency. The states that are parties to this project informed their partners of their plans in advance, specifying the parameters of our association, the principles of its work, which fully correspond with the World Trade Organization rules.

I will add that we would also have welcomed the start of a concrete dialogue between the Eurasian and European Union. Incidentally, they have almost completely refused us this as well, and it is also unclear why – what is so scary about it?

And, of course, with such joint work, we would think that we need to engage in dialogue (I spoke about this many times and heard agreement from many of our western partners, at least in Europe) on the need to create a common space for economic and humanitarian cooperation stretching all the way from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

Colleagues, Russia made its choice. Our priorities are further improving our democratic and open economy institutions, accelerated internal development, taking into account all the positive modern trends in the world, and consolidating society based on traditional values and patriotism.

We have an integration-oriented, positive, peaceful agenda; we are working actively with our colleagues in the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, BRICS and other partners. This agenda is aimed at developing ties between governments, not dissociating. We are not planning to cobble together any blocs or get involved in an exchange of blows.

The allegations and statements that Russia is trying to establish some sort of empire, encroaching on the sovereignty of its neighbors, are groundless. Russia does not need any kind of special, exclusive place in the world – I want to emphasize this. While respecting the interests of others, we simply want for our own interests to be taken into account and for our position to be respected.

we are well aware that the world has entered an era of changes and global transformations, when we all need a particular degree of caution, the ability to avoid thoughtless steps. In the years after the Cold War, participants in global politics lost these qualities somewhat. Now, we need to remember them. Otherwise, hopes for a peaceful, stable development will be a dangerous illusion, while today’s turmoil will simply serve as a prelude to the collapse of world order.

Yes, of course, I have already said that building a more stable world order is a difficult task. We are talking about long and hard work. We were able to develop rules for interaction after World War II, and we were able to reach an agreement in Helsinki in the 1970s. Our common duty is to resolve this fundamental challenge at this new stage of development.

Thank you very much for your attention.

So it Begins.

Planet X Puzzle September 2014

Planet X Puzzle

Sep 18, 2014

In this article we will look at different news topics happening at the time, and try give the reader a big picture of what is happening at the current time. Many mainstream media outlets will show you a small part of the picture but will never show you the big picture and how it could relate to planet x.



What better way to bring in worldwide martial law given announcement of a rogue planet traveling through our solar system? This would not require you to have police and military on the streets, as people would not leave their homes if the ebola situation continues to worsen, which it is doing at the time.


The latest headline shows a 48-year-old volunteer who is receiving the ebola vaccine, as the second human trial. Another news headline reads that congress is worried ebola could hit the United States and become more contagious.

link1 | link2

What is interesting about this entire situation is that immediately after the first ebola cases were starting to be reported this was a global emergency. Almost as if this entire event was planned right out of the gate. Now we have the associated press stating that ebola cases could double every three weeks, which is not good at all.

In our opinion this situation is being used in two parts, 1. A mega distraction from the increasing earth changes and nearby presence of planet x 2. To push vaccinations on the populations of the world, which are known to give people problems.

Distractions & Isis


When watching a recent CNN broadcast we noticed the emphasis being placed on ISIS and the long segments of the news being focused on the threat. Even though there are a host of many things happening at the current time.

As planet x becomes more visible in the coming months more distractions will take place, such as the recent comments from Joan Rivers about Michelle Obama being a transvestite, and Obama being gay.

There are a long list of other distractions which have been played out in recent years, such as the revealing of the illuminati, and a host of other conspiracy facts, that have now come to light. What better way to get the public attention on these issues as an in-bound rogue planet enters into our solar system.



Suddenly we have a press secretary by the name of Rachel MacGregor who suddenly resigns. The navy removed three top commanding officers on a ship called the “destroyer” while out at sea. It is interesting to note the name of the ship, which is similar to the Egyptian “destroyer” planet x aka nibiru.

On top of the strange resignations as of late, we have witnessed the militarization of the police departments in some areas of the United States and across the globe. We have also witnessed the increase in hints of something yet to come, with a recent article out of NBC news saying to “Expect more 9.0 earthquakes”(read more).

And of course just recently the president announces September 2014 as National Preparedness Month?!  It is clear something big is on the horizon and those in the know, continue to make their plans.

Long Sunset & Red Skies

2014-06-17 19.50.44

The longer than normal sunsets are now apparent, as one day we witnessed light beams coming from the sky, and the sun has already dropped below the horizon line. This visual display is 100% evidence of an in-bound sun that soon the entire world will start pointing at and talking about, as the cover up is about to be blown wide open.

The red skies are now on the rise, and sky even has a hint of gray, as the red iron oxide tail of planet is being reflected by the sun. Watch for increased visibility this October in the western sky near sunset time. Take note, there are other people in other countries now seeing planet x at the moment.

Indo-Australian Plate Activity


The plate housing Indonesia is currently in the process of breaking up, with volcanic activity now taking place at the Mayon volcano as 12,000 people have now been evacuated. The Rabaul volcano is also generating an ash plume, and disrupting flights in the nearby area.

Of course these aren’t the only active volcanoes mount Slamet is currently spewing lava and gas during its eruption seen from the Pandasari village in Brebes.

In this same region we all witnessed a magnitude 7.1 earthquake downgraded to a magnitude 6.7 earthquake which took place in nearby Guam.  This was in the earthquake watch window which we posted previously on our website, due to the magnetic compression taking place over the past weekend.

This magnetic compression is continuing and is lasting for a long period, expect another strong earthquake in another part of the world. This key area in Indonesia will be an ongoing area to watch, as once the pressure is released from the planet x passage, expect major adjustments to occur.

Planet X

map of the world


To prepare for planet x, getting to higher elevation and leaving coastal areas is a smart idea, as the oceans will be sloshing back and forth during the time of passage. 200 – 1,000 feet above sea level is ideal, and in-land is also an ideal.

You need to know what is your current sea level so you can get to a higher ground. Here is a link below that will helping in figuring all of this out now below:

Start on the top center of that link, and you will find out everything that you need to do to survive the pole shift, and on our planet x research page we have part b of the presentation which goes over survival tips.

A recent experience has shown us that the sun is generating skin biting neutrinos, as we witnessed yesterday. Planet x is heating up the sun, causing the whitish color and many people experiencing the burning effects on their skin.


hard to see

Planet X – Nibiru

“The Worst of the Cover-Up”


What does it take to mask the truth of a passing planet that bores through the inner solar system every few thousand years, leaving unbridled destruction in its wake?  What lengths are required to deny and distort the plethora of evidence that proves this planet has returned and is poised to inflict yet another devastating passage?

The most blatant lies of omission and commission are presented here to demonstrate just how pervasively the existence of Planet X has been systematically obfuscated and categorically denied by an intractable cover-up.

Bird Deaths

Providing highly improbable explanations for the increasing incidents of mysterious bird deaths around the world, the cover-up has succeeded only in eroding the public’s trust of any “official causes” relayed to them through the media.

“Birds are sensitive to methane gas, which when released from the air floats upward as it is lighter than air. Thus, unless humans are around to smell the distinctive scent of methane gas, they would be unware of the release of this gas due to stretched rock beneath their feet. The birds, however, are in the path of this rising cloud, and die or become disabled enough to drop. Canaries were formerly used in coal mines for this reason. If they were singing, there was no methane about, but if they dropped over then the miners had their clue to leave the mine shaft quickly!”

ZetaTalk: GLP Live – March 13, 2010

Sampling of Incidents Since 2011

4,000 Blackbird Deaths in Arkansas Attributed to Midair Collisions (Jan 1, 2011)

500 Dead Blackbirds and Starlings Found Dead in Louisiana (Jan 3, 2011)

200 Starlings Found Dead in South Dakota (Jan 18, 2011)

50 Dead Birds Fall From Sky in Kansas (Apr 7, 2011)

Hundreds of Dead Birds in Oklahoma Likely Died From Hypothermia (Aug 11, 2011)

6,000 Dead Waterfowl Wash Ashore at Ontario Lake (Oct 24, 2011)

50 Dead Starlings in New Mexico Likely Flew Into Passing Vehicle (Dec 10, 2011)

Hundreds of Dead Blackbirds in Arkansas Likely Startled by Fireworks (Jan 1, 2012)

Hundreds of Dead Birds Found in Maryland Likely Flew Into Power Lines (Feb 15, 2012)

Thousands of Dead Birds in New Jersey Killed By Pesticide (Aug 14, 2012)

Dozens of Dead Starlings Fall From Sky in Tennessee (Dec 31, 2012)

Dead Birds Fall ‘Like Raindrops’ in Winnipeg (Aug 7, 2013)

Dozens of Blackbirds Found Dead Along Virginia Road (Dec 12, 2013)

Hundreds of Birds Found Dead Along I-35W in Texas (Jan 23, 2014)

Birds Fall Dead From the Sky in Oklahoma (April 3, 2014)

Three Incidents of Mass Bird Deaths in Pennsylvania in One Night (July 27, 2014)



Unexplained booms are being reported with increasing frequency, alarming local residents who have grown incredulous of the many implausible explanations provided by the authorities.  By randomly attributing this widespread phenomena to mining activity, military training, ordnance disposal, sonic booms, fireworks, tannerite and even cryoseisms, the cover-up has again portrayed their desperation in hiding the truth of Planet X from the common man.

“Booms are caused by one of several phenomena, all related to plate stress and adjustment. One result is that due to an adjustments elsewhere a ripple travels through the land, the type of ripple that many report seeing during an earthquake. Close to the epicenter of an earthquake, such ripples are waves of land (above or below the waves). The troughs are deep, the crests high, and land is seen rumpling up many feet into the air and traveling during earthquakes, a horrifying view. The farther from the epicenter the more spread out the waves, so the crests and troughs are slight and the waves have a long distance from each other. This causes one type of boom, where a dropping or heaving ground causes the air above to clap as it rushes to fill a void. Clapping air is of course what causes thunder claps, but there the void is caused by superheated air from a lightning flash.

“Another result of adjustments elsewhere causing a boom is in the stretch zone. Land sinks because the rock supports underneath have pulled apart, and boom, the air claps. This can be land pulling apart under water too, causing the same phenomena of clapping air in the air over the water. The boom is occurring over where the land has dropped, which might relate to your safety nearby. If you are in the stretch zone, such stretch zone results as sinkholes or dropping bridges that pulled out of their moorings or meandering rivers choosing a new and lower path through the land nearby can occur. Yet another cause of booms is snapping rock. If the rock is heaving, trying to lift one section of a strata so that is has little support beneath it, then this rock strata can snap. This can also occur where compression or mountain building is occurring. Just look at that jutting rock. Something caused it to snap and jut!” ZetaTalk: December 11, 2010

Documented Incidents

Strange Sounds, Earthquake Lights

Mystery Booms Heard Across the U.S.

Frost Quakes: Dissecting the Lie



Many have observed the deployment of airborne chemicals by high-altitude aircraft, conspicuously criss-crossing the sky and creating a diffusing haze around the Sun.  While the uninitiated may attribute such displays to be innocuous contrails, such blatant attempts to mask the increasing visibility of Planet X and its components around the Sun will ultimately fail and be remembered for the atrocities for which they were originally intended.

“We have mentioned that chemtrails originally had the purpose of testing how well humans in the flight path could resist various microbes and chemicals that would sicken them. The point was to delay them as they attempted to migrate toward enclaves of the wealthy, for instance, to sicken those leaving LA and trying to reach Utah. Behind these tests was a more sinister purpose, to poison and kill the migrants. When the US military discovered the plan, being openly discussed at times in the back rooms of the White House, they rebelled and refused to have any part of chemtrail activity in the future. Where the campaign was being conducted by the wealthy, their plan was to use the US military when the time came, and without the cooperation of the US military, this plan could not succeed. Thereafter, chemtrails were used to fog up the view of Planet X. In some cases, tests were done to determine where the drift would go, where the chemtrails were pushed by the prevailing westerlies. Since sunrise and sunset are the danger times when Planet X might be sighted, these are the main fogging target times.” ZetaTalk: Chemtrails

See also:


ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 129, April 19, 2009

ZetaTalk: September 25, 2010

ZetaTalk: February 12, 2011


Crop Circles

For untold millennia, crop circles have been provided to warn the inhabitants of Earth of the periodic passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru, and it’s entourage of moons and debris. Hundreds of these spectacular portrayals have been splayed across vast fields of wheat, barley and grass in recent years, each containing a specific message pertaining to the approaching Pole Shift and Transformation. The Cover-up has responded to these stunning alien displays with sloppy and unmistakable crop circle hoaxes, along with defacing authentic crop circles. While the reporting of genuine crop circles has decreased since 2012, the Circle Makers continue to articulate their warnings to the subconscious of mankind through this highly evolved means of communication regardless of the Cover-up’s endless attempts to confuse the common man.

“Humans have always stood in awe of crop circles as you can be assured this is not the first era where they have been prevalent. They speak to the subconscious, which sees the patterns and senses their meaning, and the conscious hasn’t a clue. What is their meaning?

“Crop Circles are telling you, in a universal language, of coming events, and we are speaking here not only of physical events, such as the pending pole shift, but spiritual as well. In the past these simple but eloquent messages were left, with increasing frequency and urgency, leading up to the shift.

“This time, because of the Transformation, there is more than one message to relay.”

ZetaTalk: Crop Circles – July 15, 1995

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Smoke trail of fireball that exploded over Russia on February 15, 2013 injuring 1200 and damaging thousands of buildings.

The Zetas have long predicted Earth’s atmosphere would be assaulted by debris in the years preceding the passage of Planet X.  NASA has offered various flaccid explanations, from meteor showers to asteroid swarms to rogue Near Earth Objects, all of which fail to account for the increasing incidence of fireballs exploding in Earth’s atmosphere.  Now that such incidents are being reported on nearly a daily basis, media coverage has grown sparse  – yet another accurate Zeta prediction.

“Meteor and space trash activity will increase, going into the passage, far ahead of the actual passage itself. This trash is unsettled and plunges into the Earth’s atmosphere. There will be increasing activity of this nature – larger meteors, more than just dramatic fireballs or green streaks. There will be more dramatic shows, but at the same time less talk of it in the media.” ZetaTalk: Space Trash

Documented Incidents: Fireballs on the Rise

See also:

ZetaTalk: Asteroid Threat

ZetaTalk: Deflecting Asteroids


Fish Kills

The release of methane trapped between shifting rock layers under lakes, rivers and coastal waterways has resulted in incalculable numbers of dead fish across the globe in recent years.  With fish mortalities now being measured by the ton on nearly every continent, such unprecedented carnage is nevertheless attributed to ordinary phenomena such as red tide and seasonal die-off, as well as overcrowding and unsuitable water temperatures.  While the cause of death in nearly all reports is hypoxia: lack of oxygen, the fact that methane will convert oxygen to carbon dioxide is never mentioned.

“Methane is known to cause bird dead, and as methane rises when released during Earth shifting, will float upward through the flocks of birds above. But can this be the cause of dead fish? If birds are more sensitive than humans to methane release, fish are likewise sensitive to changes in the water, as anyone with an aquarium will attest. Those schools of fish caught in rising methane bubbles during sifting of rock layers beneath them will inevitably be affected. Fish cannot, for instance, hold their breath until the emergency passes!” ZetaTalk: Dead Birds and Fish

Documented Incidents:

Animal Behavior, Methane Poisoning



The dramatic rise in earthquakes since 2003 is perhaps the most telling indication when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system, asserting its dominant magnetic influence upon the Earth.  The increase of devastating quakes and tsunamis in recent years has been self-evident, yet all official reporting agencies vigorously refute any such claim.  Under strict orders to conceal all evidence supporting the existence of Planet X, USGS has engaged in a campaign of lies and disinformation second only to NASA.  Not only has USGS manipulated quake data by consistently downgrading quake magnitudes and removing quakes from their database, significant quakes occurring in uninhabited regions frequently go unreported.  For years, live seismographs were continuously recalibrated to dampen sensitivity until finally all GSN and ANSS Backbone heliplots were rendered unavailable for 5 months between August 2013 and January 2014.  Lastly, by issuing the ludicrous claims that increased seismic activity is the result of fracking and global warming, the cover-up has indicted themselves before a global audience that will demand swift justice for being so egregiously misled.

“Greater than 90% of the earthquake activity is being altered by the USGS at present, which is under orders to prevent any clue being given to the public about the Earth changes caused by the presence of Planet X. Over a decade ago, the approach was to de-sensitize the live seismographs periodically, so the displays do not turn black worldwide. Then any quakes that could be dropped were dropped. This was obvious to some who were watching the database manipulation. Quakes in the list would suddenly disappear. This was particularly the case where a quake happened in a remote location, or out in the ocean. Dumbing down the magnitude quickly followed, but in order to ensure the public did not notice, the USGS took control of all websites reporting quake statistics. At times, this control breaks, and discrepancies are reported to the public.” ZetaTalk: August 7, 2010

“Fracking has been a process used extensively for decades, since 1903 within the US alone. If fracking caused earthquakes, has this just been noticed? This is clearly an excuse for the increase in earthquakes, one of many the establishment will latch onto as earthquake frequency increases and earthquakes occur in unusual places. Earthquakes are caused by an adjustment in the entire rock strata, over a wide and deep area. The epicenter is merely the point where the adjustment, or movement, is greatest. The pressure that caused that adjustment spreads for hundreds of miles, in all directions. Fracking cannot accomplish this.” ZetaTalk: December 17, 2011

Documented Incidents:

Earthquakes Worldwide

The New Earthquake Country

See also:

ZetaTalk: Quickening Quakes

ZetaTalk Newsletter Issue 254, August 14, 2011

Dropped Quakes


Earth Weather

The meteorological impact on a planet whose axis of rotation is increasingly perturbed by the steady approach of a stronger magnetic presence has been comprehensively detailed by the Zetas.  Long before the current weather extremes manifested, the Zetas predicted the wobble’s effect on Earth’s weather: a steady increase in violent storms of historic magnitude; record-smashing temperature extremes of hot and cold; alternating cycles of drought and deluge, culminating with a blending of the seasons – all of which is now occurring with unmistakable fruition.  While those tasked with reporting the weather are coerced to provide false assurances that nothing is amiss, the untold millions whose lives have been upended by this global onslaught have proven otherwise.  Unable to produce a satisfactory explanation to account for the myriad of unprecedented weather anomalies, the cover-up cowers behind their exposed contrivance otherwise known as global warming.

“The media had been told for years that any discussion of a planet next to the Sun, in the inner solar system, was verboten, forbidden. Weatherman were told not to mention broken records continuously, although on occasion this would be allowed or the public would be suspicious. The Earth wobble was also strictly forbidden as a topic, despite the Sun and Moon being out of position regularly.”

“Global Warming is forever enmeshed in scandal, where the UN and their scientists discarded data and cherry-picked only that which confirmed the theory. Global Warming was likewise proclaimed to be following computer models, which quickly became irrelevant as the melting ice and permafrost outran the models. None of these theories which supposedly “explain” the current weather address the Earth wobble, which is about to announce itself in undeniable terms to the public.” ZetaTalk: May 5, 2012

Documented Incidents: Wild Weather, the Wobble Effect

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Earth Wobble Evident in Alaska



How better to validate the approach of a rogue magnetic planet than observe its effect on Earth’s magnetosphere?  The NICT simulator provided real-time visualizations of Earth’s magnetosphere for nearly a decade until it was abruptly terminated in 2012.  Not a surprising move by the cover-up, given how vividly MagSim portrayed a progressive magnetic onslaught from Planet X that could not be blamed on the Sun.  While other sources of real-time data have confirmed the deformations of Earth’s magnetosphere is worsening, the availability of such data is becoming increasingly sporadic.  Relying upon thinly-veiled lies of omission, the cover-up continues to incriminate itself like a wanton criminal impervious to prosecution.

“Any plot of a magnetosphere will show output from the N Pole, regardless of what activity might be ongoing at the S Pole. Magnetons flow out from the N Pole, circle round, and return at the S Pole. What would cause the Earth’s magnetosphere to temporarily show only an outbound stream (blue lines), and this almost entirely turned quickly in space toward the direction of the Earth’s magnetic S Pole rather than arching out into space before returning, but then bypassing the Earth’s S Pole? It is as though the magnetons are diverted away from returning to the Earth’s S Pole, and this is what is occurring.

“We have stated that the N Pole of Planet X is increasingly pointing toward Earth, forcing the magnetic N Pole of Earth to push away during the daily Earth wobble that results. If this flow of magnetons from Planet X is strong enough, the magnetons flowing out the Earth’s N Pole cannot fight the push in order to return to the Earth’s S Pole. In this case, they join the larger field temporarily formed by Planet X and the Earth, which are attempting to form an end-to-end magnet at this point, and return through the S Pole of Planet X! ” ZetaTalk: Severe Wobble

Documented Incidents

Magnetosphere Deformations and Earth Wobble Effects

Real Time Magnetosphere Data – Reading Between the Lines

Cover-up Games: Magnetosphere Data Hide and Seek

Magnetosphere Turbulence

Manic Magnetosphere, Silent Sun

Mangled Magnetosphere

Magnetosphere / SOHO Images


Shifting Earth

Another Zeta prediction that has inexorably seen fruition is the dramatic rise in incidents involving shifting Earth. From the sinking of plate borders to a global sinkhole pandemic; from massive landslides and gaping land cracks to the incessant collapse of infrastructure – gas lines, water mains, bridges, buildings, railways and roadways; an escalating trend of undeniable veracity has emerged.  Endlessly blaming the weather – an intentional misdiagnosis that asserts a symptom to be at cause, the cover-up has neglected to address the pathology of flash mob rage that will relentlessly be visited upon their enclaves.

“Confused investigators look for reasons for disasters that have their etiology in Earth quietly pulled apart, rock flakes pulled away, rather than pressed together, so that no quakes occur. The stretch zone is that sinking feeling, where support weakens, the ground sinks, and silently so. Thus gas and water mains explode, because the ground under them shifts, factories or refineries with gas line joints firmly sealed explode as these joints are pulled apart, and bridges fall as their mooring lose their firm footing.” ZetaTalk: Stretch Zone

Documented Incidents



Mudslides – Pacific Northwest U.S.

Landslides – Southeastern U.S.

Crumbling Earth – United Kingdom

Landslips – United Kingdom

Building and Roadway Collapse

Train Derailments

Bridge and Tunnel Collapse

Gas Explosions

Water Main Breaks

Dams at Risk

See also:

ZetaTalk: North American Rip

Pakistan Sinking

Sinking Admissions



Planet X and its entourage of Moon Swirls have extensively been recorded by the SOHO and STEREO observatories since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003.  Due to the ever-increasing appearance of these unexplained artifacts in LASCO and STEREO images, NASA resorted to prolonged service interruptions and even image editing, only to have such feeble manipulations exposed.  Overrun by a daily barrage of unwanted anomalies, it now appears only the most conspicuous portrayals of the Planet X complex are removed.

“We have addressed the pathetic editing by NASA when Planet X components show up on their SOHO or Stereo images, and the divided loyalties among those employed to fool the public. Deliberate attempts to insert the Planet X components on older images prior to 2003 also were obvious.” ZetaTalk April 14, 2012

As the official admission that Planet X resides in the inner solar system approached in late June 2014, NASA announced that all instruments on both the Stereo Ahead and Behind spacecraft would soon be deactivated.  The Zetas explain why:

The announcement about down time on the Stereo satellites is very revealing. As Nancy has pointed out, the Planet X complex has appeared, caught between the Ahead and Behind satellites, on more than one occasion.  As with the SOHO images, editing out any evidence of the Planet X complex occurs. But a public alerted to the presence of Planet X slightly retrograde to the Earth will attempt to use the Stereo images to confirm what they have been told. They will want to see for themselves, just how big, how bright, how close the complex is to the Earth. Certainly the Ahead satellite has a better view of this area, thus it is being closed down first.

“After the announcement, many in the public would rush to examine the Ahead images and find that the Planet X complex is simply not there. Of course, it has been brushed out of the released images for years. This practice would start to be questioned, with the public realizing that NASA was complying with Reagan’s National Security edict, but wanting the REAL images now. NASA does not intend to give the public real data, as suppressing panic is still part of the establishment’s agenda.  Is NASA saying the announcement, or portions of it, will not occur before July 6? They are saying that NASA’s portion of the announcement process would not occur before that date.  Once NASA has confessed, doctoring is supposed to STOP.

“A second concern is the halted Earth orbit. This fact is considered so radical that NASA and others have determined that admitting it would confuse the public, and make them think the whole announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru is a hoax, a game. Thus, beyond stating that the Earth’s orbit and rotation have “irregularities”, such as the Earth wobble, they will not admit a halted orbit. But Stereo cams that are supposed to be looking directly AT the Earth will soon show this to be the case. The Earth will be missing. To avoid closer scrutiny, expected to occur after the announcement, they are simply taking public access to Stereo images offline, and they will never come back on.ZetaTalk: July 5, 2014

Documented Incidents: SOHO / STEREO Captures

ZetaTalk: NASA’s Movies

Winged Globe/Nibiru/Moon Swirls on SOHO


Tsunami Buoys

DART tsunami buoys located along seismically active regions worldwide have indicated significant displacements of the ocean bottom near tectonic plate borders.  Equipped to record rapid changes in ocean depth, the DART system has portrayed dramatic plate undulations that have consistently aligned with the Zetas’ 7 of 10 predictions.  Pressed with escalating evidence confirming undersea plates are heaving in response to the approach of Planet X, the cover-up responded predictably with omissive tactics: an abrupt and enduring absence of undersea seismic event reporting; the steady deactivation of buoys with a history of recording the most frequent and demonstrable events; a prolific omission of data from the handful of buoys not permanently deactivated; and even the murder of a buoy technician intent on publicizing the truth.  In this, the cover-up has shamelessly confessed their utter disdain for the common man and indifference to the coming perils facing humanity.

“Buoys have proven to be an embarrassment, in that they show the ocean floor rising or falling, and in accordance with our predictions. The death of a Malay buoy maintenance man recently, to silence him, was considered a red flag, so buoys are not being taken out of service when they are flagging plate movement. Being taken out of service does not mean they are no longer operational, it simply means the public cannot be privy to the information. One can read past the outages to see where plate movement is occurring, thus. Just look for the newly deactivated buoys, and draw your own conclusions!” ZetaTalk: November 24, 2012

Documented Incidents:

Evidence of Indo-Australian Plate Tilting

Earthquakes Worldwide

2012 Sumatra Quake & Tsunami



The explosive rise in volcanic activity has been undeniable, with both active and long-dormant volcanoes  erupting in a global chorus of surging molten lava and skyward ash plumes.  Magma under increasing pressure from a roiling core and worsening wobble has announced the return of Planet X through a growing crescendo of bellowing volcanoes.  Yet another prophetic Zeta prediction that cannot be obscured from public view, only minimized in the media and blamed on global warming.


“There are many aspects of the slow magnetic dance between the Earth and Planet X since it arrived in the vicinity in 2003. One, mentioned early in the body of ZetaTalk, was the increased roiling of the core of the Earth, such that swirling magma heats up the crust of the Earth and presses into volcanic outlets. There are more active volcanoes now than in the memory of man.” ZetaTalk: May 31, 2008


Documented Incidents: Volcano Watch


Flashback: Ebola Goes Airborne, Causes Outbreak in Medical Lab 1989

Flashback: Ebola Goes Airborne, Causes Outbreak in Medical Lab
Ebola mutated into an airborne virus back in 1989

Flashback: Ebola Goes Airborne, Causes Outbreak in Medical Lab

Image Credits: Alex / Flickr

by Kit Daniels | | September 15, 2014

A mutated Ebola virus likely spread through the ventilation system of a Virginia medical lab in 1989 and infected dozens of monkeys in separate research rooms, highlighting the current potential of an airborne Ebola strain killing millions of people.

In late 1989, cynomolgus monkeys from the Philippines delivered to Hazleton Research Products’ Primate Quarantine Unit in Reston, Va., began dying at an alarming rate, prompting HRP to euthanize all the monkeys in that shipment, but during the 10 days after the euthanization, other monkeys in separate rooms connected only by air ducts began dying as well, which was attributed to an Ebola strain that went airborne.

“Due to the spread of infection to animals in all parts of the quarantine facility, it is likely that Ebola Reston may have been spread by airborne transmission,” wrote Lisa A. Beltz in the book Emerging Infectious Diseases. “On several subsequent occasions during 1989, 1990 and 1996, Ebola Reston killed monkeys in colonies in the United States.”

“Some of the people at the colony in Texas and several of the workers at the facility in the Philippines also produced antibodies to the virus but did not become ill.”

The 1989 incident validates concerns that a new, airborne strain of Ebola could infect humans, and if such a mutated strain already exists, it would easily explain why Ebola is currently spreading so rapidly in Africa.

For one thing, because Ebola doesn’t replicate itself perfectly every time it infects a victim, each new infection represents a potential mutation of the disease.

“If certain mutations occurred, it would mean that just breathing would put one at risk of contracting Ebola,” wrote Michael T. Osterholm of the New York Times. “Infections could spread quickly to every part of the globe, as the H1N1 influenza virus did in 2009, after its birth in Mexico.”

And due to the severity of the current outbreak in western Africa, which is the worst in history, Ebola has had more chances to mutate in the past four months than in the past 500 years.

“What is not getting said publicly, despite briefings and discussions in the inner circles of the world’s public health agencies, is that we are in totally uncharted waters and that Mother Nature is the only force in charge of the crisis at this time,” journalist Mac Slavo wrote.

What is known publicly, however, is that the State Department has taken the threat of Ebola so seriously it recently ordered 160,000 Hazmat suits, well over 100 times the number of federal workers currently in western Africa.

But just how large is the risk of Ebola mutating even further? Right now, it has the potential to infect – and kill – five million people in western Africa, according to a top German virologist.

“The right time to get this epidemic under control in these countries has been missed,” Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit of Hamburg’s Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine told Deutsche Welle. “That time was May and June; now it is too late.”

Video: Ebola Patient Escapes Quarantine, Spreads Panic in Liberia
Man with Ebola runs through public market

September 15, 2014

After escaping from quarantine, a man affected with Ebola ran through a public market before being detained by medical officials wearing Hazmat suits.

Turning our Police Against Us

Turning our Police Mean and Against Us
‘Police teach tactics for handling ‘sovereign citizens’
The FBI classifies such people, who refuse to recognize government authority in almost any form, as part of a domestic terrorist movement.

2010 shootout in West Memphis, Ark.

Two police officers and two people who considered themselves “sovereign citizens” — a 16-year-old and his father — were killed in West Memphis, Ark., in a 2010 shootout. Two North Carolina officers who train police to deal with sovereign citizens often cite the Arkansas case when explaining the danger. (Alan Spearman, The Commercial Appeal / May 20, 2010)

By David Zucchino, Los Angeles Times

April 5, 2013, 4:14 p.m.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With his shaggy hair, bushy mustache and obstinate ways, Jeffrey Allen Wright was well-known to sheriff’s deputies in Santa Rosa County, Fla.

Wright, 55, drove around with a phony license plate. When stopped, he refused to produce a driver’s license. Once he threatened to sue a deputy who pulled him over.

After he was fined for traffic offenses in September, Wright paid with counterfeit money orders. When deputies served warrants for felony counterfeiting March 8, Wright barricaded himself in his garage and declared that he would not be “a servant of the king.”

He broke out windows with a handgun, then pointed the weapon at officers, police said. Three deputies fired, killing Wright.

When Det. Rob Finch of the Greensboro police department heard about the incident, two words came to mind: sovereign citizen.

Finch teaches police and public officials around the country how to deal with self-described “sovereign citizens” like Wright. Finch and his partner, Det. Kory Flowers, have trained nearly 15,000 police and 5,000 public officials to combat sovereigns, zealots who refuse to recognize government authority in almost any form.

Another FKN Killer Pig

Violent confrontations are rare, but the FBI says at least six police officers have been killed by sovereigns since 2000. A man tied to the movement shot and killed a California Highway Patrol officer who stopped him in Contra Costa County last year. A responding officer shot and killed the assailant.

The agency calls sovereigns — who number between 100,000 and 300,000 — a “domestic terrorist movement.”

This time of year has federal authorities on alert, since a central tenet of the sovereigns movement is that its adherents believe they owe no income taxes.

Sovereigns assert that the U.S. Treasury has set up a secret money account for every American, which can be reclaimed through a bizarre set of legal filings known as redemption. They say everything from taxes to traffic tickets can be disposed of by drawing on the secret Treasury accounts through elaborate legal claims and mountains of paperwork.

Many sovereigns file invoices with police or judges, demanding hundreds of dollars an hour for time spent stopped by officers or when in court to answer charges.

Finch, 31, said his training sessions began after several sovereigns pulled over by Greensboro police in 2008 and 2009 refused to produce driver’s licenses. They demanded that officers recite oaths of office and fill out long questionnaires.

“To them, a police officer is just a man in a Halloween costume,” Finch said.

Other police departments began requesting their eight-hour seminars. Finch and Flowers now train agents of the FBI, DEA, ATF and Homeland Security — as well as district attorneys, clerks of court, judges and registrars nationwide. Finch says they are the only officers in the country who offer such street-level training.

Dumbed down to the bone Goon Thug PIGS

They teach police to recognize sovereigns by their convoluted legal jargon and “Mouthe” defiance. “Sovereign citizens are more likely not to obey their commands and more likely to commit violence during a traffic stop,” Finch said.

Finch and Flowers often cite the 2010 deaths of two police officers in West Memphis, Ark., who were shot by a father-son sovereign team during a traffic stop for a bogus license plate. One officer had become distracted by a thick sheaf of papers thrust at him by one of the sovereigns.

Finch said he instructs officers to ignore paperwork other than license and registration. “Your antennae should immediately go up,” he tells officers. “They refuse to recognize your authority, and that creates a dangerous situation.”

As recently as August, two sheriff’s deputies in Laplace, La., were shot and killed in an ambush. Police said at least two of the five men accused in the killings were sovereign citizens.

In Florida, police approached Wright carefully because he had told them in past encounters that he was not subject to police authority. Wright paid his taxes with a handwritten “coupon for payment,” said Deputy Richard Aloy of the Santa Rosa Sheriff’s Department. He had renounced his U.S. citizenship.

“They knew they had a bad person, and they took the necessary precautions,” Finch said.

Even nonviolent sovereigns can cause headaches through what Finch calls “paper terrorism.” Some squat in foreclosed homes and file phony deeds claiming ownership, “paying” with photos of silver dollars. Sovereigns believe U.S. currency has no value but recognize precious metals as valid currency.

Many sovereigns — including the father-son team in the Arkansas shooting — hold seminars of their own where they charge for lessons on redemption and tax avoidance. “You pay them in cash for them to tell you money has no value,” Finch said.

Officials from Greensboro and other cities pushed for a new North Carolina law that makes filing false liens a felony and not a misdemeanor. Finch said the law, coupled with training of court officials, has helped block or dismiss many phony liens and nuisance lawsuits.

Im Going to FUCKing Kill You!.

But sovereigns continue to file suits and liens, hoping to claim property and damages, Finch said.

At one meeting Finch attended, a charismatic sovereign citizen told a rapt audience that U.S. currency has no value. But he also explained how to redeem millions of dollars from secret U.S. Treasury accounts, and how to use the courts to evade government control and taxes.

Afterward, Finch said, he asked the man what he did for a living. He was a U.S. Postal Service worker.

Finch asked how he justified working for a government he considered illegitimate. “He told me he needed the money to live out his ideology,” he said.





Army Labeled Evangelicals as Religious Extremists


Apr 5, 2013

By Todd Starnes

A U.S. Army training instructor listed Evangelical Christianity and Catholicism as examples of religious extremism along with Al Qaeda and Hamas during a briefing with an Army Reserve unit based in Pennsylvania, Fox News has learned.

“We find this offensive to have Evangelical Christians and the Catholic Church to be listed among known terrorist groups,” said Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. “It is dishonorable for any U.S. military entity to allow this type of wrongheaded characterization.”


Bullshit being taught to our police

Material presented to soldiers at training session.

The incident occurred during an Army Reserve Equal Opportunity training brief on extremism. Topping the list is Evangelical Christianity. Other organizations listed included Catholicism, Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Ku Klux Klan, Sunni Muslims, and Nation of Islam.

The military also listed “Islamophobia” as a form of religious extremism.

Army spokesman George Wright told Fox News that this was an “isolated incident not condoned by the Dept. of the Army.”

“This slide was not produced by the Army and certainly does not reflect our policy or doctrine,” he said. “It was produced by an individual without anyone in the chain of command’s knowledge or permission.”

Wright said after the complaint was lodged, the presenter deleted the slide, and apologized.

“We consider the matter closed,” he said.

The incident was made public by a soldier who attended the briefing. He asked for copies of the presentation and sent them to the Chaplain Alliance.

“He considers himself an evangelical Christian and did not appreciate being classified with terrorists,” Crews told Fox News. “There was a pervasive attitude in the presentation that anything associated with religion is an extremist.”

The Archdiocese for the Military Services was shocked to learn that the Army considered Catholicism to be an example of extremism.


“The Archdiocese is astounded that Catholics were listed alongside groups that are, by their very mission and nature, violent and extremist,” the Archdiocese said in a statement.

They want the Dept. of Defense to “ensure that taxpayer funds are never again used to present blatantly anti-religious material to the men and women in uniform.”






“In the notes it was clearly stated that the presenter was not a subject matter expert, and produced the material after conducting Internet research,” Wright said.

So if the presenter was not an expert, what were they doing presenting the material, Crews asked.

He said he had a chance to speak with the officer who conducted the briefing and she told him that she got her information from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

“Why is there such dependence upon the work of the SPLC to decide hate groups and extremist groups,” Crews said. “It appears that some military entities are using definitions of ‘hate’ and ‘extreme’ from the lists of anti-Christian political organizations. That violates the apolitical stance appropriate for the military.”

But Mark Potok, a spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center, told Fox News they did not provide the military with any list about religious extremism.

“It’s emphatically – 100 percent false,” Potok said.


He said the SPLC has never labeled Evangelical Christianity or Catholicism as extremist groups.

Crews said he is extremely disappointed in the military’s handling of the incident and said they need to fix the “gross distortions presented in the briefing.

“Those soldiers who were presented this material – they need to have a new briefing with corrected materials,” Crews said. “They need to undo the damage that was done.”

He also wants the military to consult chaplains about matters involving religion.

“All religious issues of this sort in the U.S. military should be channeled first through the Chiefs of Chaplains offices for review,” he said. “Do they really want to classify evangelicals and the Catholic Church as extremist groups?”

Harper’s Usurping Criminal government asks public servants to delete emails What’s are they trying to hide this time

Harper government asks public servants to delete emails

The Conservative government is telling public servants to delete emails with no “business value,” possibly opening the door to the destruction of potentially valuable or embarrassing records, say critics.

Treasury Board President Tony Clement notes that federal departments and agencies are releasing an increasing volume of documents in response to growth in requests made through access to information legislation.

Adrian Wyld / THE CANADIAN PRESS file photo

Treasury Board President Tony Clement notes that federal departments and agencies are releasing an increasing volume of documents in response to growth in requests made through access to information legislation.

By: Mike De Souza Ottawa Bureau, Published on Wed Aug 27 2014

OTTAWA—The Conservative government is telling public servants to delete emails with no “business value,” opening the door to the destruction of potentially valuable records, say critics.

Employees must still preserve information as required by law, a government spokeswoman says, but instructions obtained by the Star show that employees were being told to delete some reference materials related to their work, including memos and copies of departmental documents.

Several departments have issued the instructions in recent weeks to delete records as part of a new two-gigabyte limit imposed on email inboxes for all federal employees based on a new standard , introduced by the secretariat of Treasury Board President Tony Clement .

“Clean up your mailbox and delete everything of no business value,” said a recent message sent to Environment Canada employees this summer.

The Environment Canada message included a poster listing different categories of what could be deleted and what should be preserved.

Documents “approved by your manager” were among the records that the department told employees to save. But some business-related emails fell into a “transitory” category that also includes “messages from your friends” or an “invitation to a party.”

The Environment Canada poster described these as “transitory reference” materials — which could include memorandums, copies of government reports, or reference material for subsequent work. The poster, which identified memos with an image of a paper airplane, showed these types of “transitory” documents going into a trash can.

The NDP’s access to information critic, MP Charlie Angus (Timmins-James Bay) , slammed the instructions, warning that they might erase evidence of political interference or mistakes by managers prior to decisions on federal policies.

“We’ve seen many times where draft reports may contain very vital political information that could be changed, either through political interference or an attempt to whitewash an issue,” Angus said in an interview.

“I have great faith in Canada’s civil service, but I don’t have faith in the embedded political officers who are now operating throughout these departments to protect the rear ends of the ministers.”

The instructions could also lead to the elimination of records, including personal correspondence, that would otherwise be available to the public under the Access to Information Act .

A spokesman for Environment Canada told the Star that its employees were responsible for retaining all information of “business value.”

Environment Canada also told its employees in its internal message that they could take a 60-minute online course, offered by the Canada School of Public Service — a government-owned training school for civil servants — for guidance on what to preserve and what to delete.

The Treasury Board Secretariat , which oversees application of Canada’s access to information legislation, added that government information management policies haven’t changed and continue to “clearly outline employee responsibilities” for information of “business value.”

Clement (Parry Sound-Muskoka) has touted the government’s record on transparency, noting that federal departments and agencies are releasing an increasing volume of documents in response to growth in requests made through access to information legislation.

But the union representing government professionals and scientists is skeptical about the new instructions.

“Given the current government’s track record, a red flag has to go up anytime our members are instructed to delete information,” said Debi Daviau, president of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada.

“Gathering, maintaining, and assessing evidence has become increasingly difficult under this government and its fondness for secrecy, which has led to muzzling of government scientists.”

The new limits on inboxes are part of a system-wide overhaul of government emails, that would convert 63 separate email systems into a single “” email address for all employees.

A consortium led by Bell Canada was awarded a seven-year contract, worth up to $400 million, to deliver this system.

Daviau said her union was also concerned that the government hasn’t considered using its own employees to manage the email restructuring. She warned that it means profit motives could be conflicting with what’s in the public interest.

“In this case, it could certainly mean that a corporate bottom line decision undermines services and threatens accountability while the price to taxpayers goes up,” she told the Star.

The Treasury Board Secretariat wasn’t immediately able to say Tuesday who had recommended the new email management standard, which came into force on Jan. 1, 2014 and will be phased in over three years. It told the Star that someone set the two-gigabyte limit to “accommodate the significant variance in account sizes” across the government.

Canada’s information watchdog said she wasn’t concerned about the government setting limits on the size of email inboxes as long as it creates systems to preserve “valuable information.”

“It’s important to note, however, that the right of access isn’t confined to information of business value,” said Josée Villeneuve, a spokeswoman for Suzanne Legault, the federal information commissioner. “It applies to all records in existence at the time an institution receives a request (for information), including transitory information.”

In a recent report concluding an investigation into record-keeping of mobile text messages across the government, Legault noted that the right of access to government information is a “quasi-constitutional” right under existing legislation, and that it’s also protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees the right to freedom of expression.


and how You and I and Everyone else can DEAL with them and DEFEAT them once and for all

Most of us have heard all about the New World Order by now, made up of the Vatican the Royal Families, the Zionist Rothschild’s – Rockefeller’s, The Black Nobility, The Committee of 300 Families,The Bloodline Families, The Illuminati, Freemason, Super billionaires, and so on. We all no there is Evil people in this world manipulating our every move.  The so Called 1% that rule the other 99%. But What people are asking the most is??? “What can we do about it??? Were do we Start??? They have all the money,the police work for them, or What can I do to stop this evil rape of the world and the enslavement of all its people under a few Super Wealthy Billionaire ‘s “I am only one person”??? Well  we will try to face and answer these very important questions and offer solutions, we the people, can enact and execute on this evil force of Criminals whose crimes go back to almost the beginning of time. There Crimes include the mass murder of millions if not billions of innocent people over the centuries and pretty much any other horrific crime against humanity you can think of they have committed it.We will deal with history from around 1770 onwards…To go back any further in time is to large a duration to explain it all here and this is really about solutions we can all partake in today.


We will start with the Zionist(not real Jews The false Jew from the Bible or The Synagogue of Satan) Rothschild-Banker money tentacle of this Pyramid Octopus style Cabal of Criminals, loosely called by some the NEW WORLD ORDER but a more complete name would be; “The ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST HOLY ROYAL ROMAN NEW WORLD ORDER Fascist Marxist Dictatorship”… The first Pope was Caesar Constantine who declared himself Pope Constantine I… Therefore the Pope is really a Caesar… So it’s really “Pope Francis Caesar”but he’s Christ on earth as the Vatican sees it  or Antichrist on earth as others see him.The Vatican was Infiltrated on Two front By the Rothschild Banker and by there  Freemason agents through a Russian Arch Bishop.Then after they arranged the attempted assassination shooting of Pope John Paul II he fell in totally in line with the Cabal after that it is said, and now we have a Jesuit Pope Francis and the Jesuit have very close ties to Zionist Freemasonry. The fact is that the Vatican is now totally complicit with the “ROTHSCHILD ZIONIST HOLY ROYAL ROMAN NEW WORLD ORDER Fascist Marxist Dictatorship”in taking control of the world under There one God LUCIFER The All seeing Eye on the American One Dollar Bill.


The Rothschild Banking Dynasty got its starts around the 1700’s with Lord Mayor Rothschild’s(Quote “Give me control of a nation money supply and I care not who makes its Laws”) and his plan for his five son’s to dominate through the manipulation and deception, buy total control over Money, Media and Military power and how by controlling these key things total world domination would be possible to meet over time.  Over the last century the Rothschild Bankers have deceptively and fraudulently manipulated and gained total control of almost every nations money supply worldwide. There are currently in 2014,  2 -Two countries left in the world without a Rothschild Central Bank running it money supply. When Bush 2 started his Presidency there were 9. Actually G.W.Bush’s “Axis of Evil” was countries without a Rothschild Central Bank.The United States Federal Reserve is an example of a Rothschild Central Bank. Then by also controlling the up & down of the global stock markets they would have total control of the world’s financial system and do!!!. They also used the system to financially back both sides in their fraudulently manipulated and started Wars, Wars (which were all started by the controlled Vatican’s web of Jesuits conspirator-coadjutors and Freemason agents worldwide working indirectly for the Rothschild Bankers so they would then be able to manipulate any Governments or Royalty indebted to them into doing their bidding. This is how they have overthrown all the Royalties and Vatican and Government in the world,  through basic extortion with money that never existed in the first place, and fraudulent compound interest  on fraudulent Government Loans creating BULLSHIT fraudulent Countries National Debt to be paid back with money that never existed because it was never created when the original loans were made so the money supply is always short of money and the respective Governments can never repay it therefore enslaving the entire country under the Rothschild Banksters ownership. All these fraudulent and criminal atrocities were all done over the centuries to slowly profit infiltrate subvert and gain control of a country and then over time control of the fucking world for their Zionist Holy Roman New World Order Empire Fascist Marxist Dictatorship which is now very close to completion.
Every, War, Conflict, Revolutions, Depressions, Uprising, etc. etc.etc.were all manipulated and created by these Criminals to further their global agenda


The Rothschild’s main weapon today is 1:Crying Antisemitism (cried if anyone accuses them of any crime, fraud or misdeeds… It’s  used to deflect the attention away from their crimes which they never dispute or deny and rather turn all attention onto the shoulders of their accuser for being a racist!!! It works every time and in any countries) 2:Their Media Empire” including all mainstream Television, Radio, Newspapers and Publishing Empires. By owning all the five major media network worldwide, owned directly or indirectly through subsidiaries and corporate conglomerates they control the flow of deceptive information going out to the masses..They then keep us distracted by all the useless sport and stupid shows we watch hypnotically.Yes there are many shows and many voices to be heard but there all coming from the one source one ventriloquist on top of them all .All show need corporate sponsors who support the agenda of the big five and that is why 2/3 of the world goes hungry while they pay billion of dollar sponsorships to sport players to play with their balls… All to keep us distracted from important issues.Like to pass the Patriot act to limit your Civil Right and Freedom. It is one big huge monopoly owned by the Rothschild ,Rockefeller s,JP Morgan and Oppenheimer Brotherhood.Control over the Internet, Publishing, Recording, Cable and Satellite companies can all be traced back to the same big five media Empires: General Electric, Time Warner, Viacom, Disney, News Corp.They now have the power to make or break political leaders around the globe.


This UNELECTED Zionist Holy Royal Roman New World Order Empire  of Super Rich Billionaire’s as well all get together to decide our fate on Planet Earth on a daily basis and all that gives them this power is the paper money they counterfeit and create out of thin air. Then they loan it out with compound interest repayment to almost all governments worldwide and the Truth is that this paper money is really worth NOTHING… NOTHING at ALL… Unless of course we the common citizens of the world give it value, And we all have given it value so far… As we have all been blinded and deceived by this criminal fraud counterfeiting scheme through lies and deceptions perpetrated on us by ours own supposedly elected puppet government officials and mainstream Media Liars. These Super Billionaires hire Puppet Millionaire CEO’s to run there central banks for them then to lend $$$ to our puppet governments officials, this is done with the promise that the country will repay it with all the Taxes collected every year from you and me the 99%… Again, ALL THE TAXES not some ALL. This is the collateral demanded by the Central Bankers to get the loans in the first place. This is why our governments no matter which parties are in power are always raising and inventing new taxes to collect from the citizen’s. As these loans with compound interest tack on them are loans that can never be totally repaid. Once the country is in debt it is always in a perpetual debt circle to these Central Banks forever. Because then when the government needs money say for road repair or hospitals or whatever else it requires it for and we the people of that country thinks our taxes cover this nothing could be farther from the truth, as the government then has to go again to the same bankers for more loans and more compound interest to use to fix the road or hospitals or whatever… Hence our increasing humongous National Debt…


This Cabal of Super Billionaires Criminals hire more Criminal Puppet Millionaire to do all there criminal dirty work for them as well and this way they remain hidden out of sight and safe from repercussion and criminal prosecution by society in general
So lets say your country defaults on its loan payment or just decides to say FU to the bankers as did Saddam Hussein Well we all saw what happened to Saddam Hussein.  First they try to make a deal with the government in question to acquire special privileged or to change country laws in their favor or to rob  the natural resources of that country for way less than its is really worth on the world market then they will lend them more loan that they know this time cannot be repaid by the country and then they go through more demand for resources which usually is what they really wanted in the first place…Then when the country finally realizes what has happened to them and what is really going on and says FUCK YOU to repaying these criminal banker thief.  Step two of the bankers extortion goes into effect and they send in black op to subvert and start a pro democracy revolution between the common people to overthrow the leaders who figured out they were stealing their country. Them If that doesn’t work they use the last and final solution they prove Militarily attacking the country for some made up reason like they did with Iraq and Saddam. But most countries leaders bow down long before step three and usually become complicit and in league with the rape and robbery of their countries natural resources from the people of that country… A good example is the Shaw of Iran or Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines or Manuel  Noriega of Panama all at one time good friends of the USA


It’s like a big game of Monopoly to them and their the Bankers and when they do not like the rules they simply change them to suit them. So what can we do??? Well first off we have to look at what there fears are.In reality 1% of the world population of over 6.5 Billion people are controlling the other 99% of us.That 1% own the world banks, and most of the world’s wealth, land and its resources.So why do the rest of us passively cooperate with this madness. Because that wealthy 1% that write the rule has taught the rest of us 99% to obey them and feel powerless to change things.When we feel powerless to change things we cling to passive attitudes and let them get away with murder, plunder, counterfeiting, extortion etc.etc.etc.  the worst atrocity crimes imaginable. When human being feel powerless we say things like “That’s just the way it is or Ignorance is bliss or Things aren’t that bad or Let God take care of it. Remember “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing” and that is exactly what is happening in today’s world. Despite all the red flags many people still denies these problems even exist they have the” Hear no Evil See no Evil Speak no Evil” attitude. But as we said before there is solution to this evil problem. Remember also “You will live under the amount of Tyranny you put up with” and tyranny in today world is becoming more and more clear each day now.


We must say NO more to them and right away… We can defeat them. It lies in knowing what their three biggest fears are and how we can control these ruling families through their fears. Their biggest fear is EXPOSURE or being dragged out in the open for all to see in the light of truth. First off the Vatican powers believe most people think of them, The Vatican & Roman Catholic Religion as pure white & clean and as honest as God himself and could never be part of such an Evil plan let alone be its controllers But they are…  Another good example is the Bilderberg’s group. Their meeting are secret their attendees are secret It’s all held behind closed doors and they always demand media black outs why EXPOSURE as well .They have gone to great length to cover up their trail of horrific disgusting crimes and to win the public’s trust through their media monopolies…Without public trust their ancestral plan for world domination is doomed to failure. The second biggest fear is losing PUBLIC SUPPORT. If we the public stop cooperating with their bullshit their plan is doomed to fail.If all the Catholics worldwide were to turn away from the Vatican and Catholic Religion tomorrow!!! Tomorrow the Vatican would be powerless rich as hell grant-it but powerless all the same…  There third and biggest fear by all is ORGANIZED RESISTANCE by an informed and fearless public who would and surely should hang them all by there scrawny cowardly necks until they are all dead…The wealthy Vatican hierarchy and all there cowardly pedophile priest, the royalties and the rest of the Elite ruling families no from experience that the will of the people can defeat all there military and monetary might in a second flat.Vietnam is a perfect example of this as they wanted that war to go on and on forever, but the American public said no more and it stopped that fast. ORGANIZED RESISTANCE. There is no doubt at all that these ruling families can be totally defeated by bringing there worst fears into reality.


Here are 14 of the best SOLUTIONS to act on IMMEDIATELY to take back our beautiful world from them, to change it for the better for all humanity forever!!!  And to never ever again let a few Evil elite billionaires control the many again. The time is now to ACT and ACT we must… If not they shall surely meet their New World Order Hell on Earth for Mankind or what is left of humanity after there first order of business the culling of 90% of us.


Solution # 1
EXPOSE THE 300 SCUM BALL FAMILIES Is to expose these ruling Families and their generation of horrific crimes against humanity.The most powerful way is by communicating by word of mouth telling friends and other through the internet on websites and study groups.Design a webpage of network such as this one, to Share pictures and article and videos, films and DVDs.Raise money give money to organize lobbied do whatever you can to stop this insane madness there are perpetrating on us.Citizen worldwide learned a hard lesson that peaceful public protests do not work because the Committee of 300 families created Think Tanks like The Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, The Bilderberg Group, The Club of Rome, The United Nations, The Round Table mastermind their plan for world domination and control.We as citizen have to form also our own think tank to mastermind a plan to stop them.We have to learn who the past and present members of the committee of 300 are.At the top of the list are: The Royal Families of Britain and Denmark, The International Banking Families: Rothschild (Evelyn, David), Rockefeller(David), Morgan(Jon Paul), Warburg (Paul, Max, Felix), Oppenheimer(Harry), Bush (Samuel, Prescott, George H.W., George W.Jeb), Gore (Ormsby, Al), Kissinger(Henry), Buffet(Warren), Carrington(Lord), Constanti(House of Orange), House of Hapsburg, Russell(Bertrand), Turner(Ted), Strong(Maurice), Schroeder(Andrew), Baring(Barnato), Prise Waterhouse, Astor(Lord), Churchill(Winston), Delano(Marquis Charles Louis), Harriman(Averil), Hesse(Sir William), House(Colonel Mandell), Huxley(Aldous), Mazzini(Giuseppe), Mellon Scaiffe(Richard), Mitterand(Francois), Montague(Samual), Montefiore(Lord Sebag), Paley(J.P.W.), David-Weill(David), Pearson(Lord Cowdrey), Bundy Bloodline, Collins Bloodline, DuPont Bloodline, Freeman Bloodline, Kennedy Bloodline, Li Bloodline, Onassis Bloodline, Reynolds Bloodline, Van Duyn Bloodline, Merovingian Bloodline, Disney bloodline, Krupp bloodline, McDonald bloodline, ETC.ETC.ETC. and the list goes on and on, but these are the major players of the Black Nobility or Committee of 300 Families get to know them and know them well for their Families crimes are some of the Worst most Horrific Genocide crimes in History

Rothschilds (1)
Solution # 2
TAKE BACK CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY Is to take back control of your own money.Right now your money is in the banks of these  families.Long ago the bankers discovered that most people left most of their gold in their bank for safe keeping, they discovered that they could lend out other people’s gold and charge interest on it without being discovered.Soon King and Royalty were borrowing money from them to finances wars. They then found out that backing both side during conflict was very profitable.This made them very rich.Since Wars were very good for business bankers started stirring up wars. All war since the Napoleonic war were started by these  bankers.They financed both sides and this is how they stole the bank of England and so on.Eventually they got so rich they built banks all over the world They made Billions lending out other people money at huge interest rates, from remember money that did not belong to them in the first place.Royalty became their biggest customers and they rewarded the bankers with high society titles of nobility such as Lord, Baron and Sir.Using there blood money and royal influence they changed the laws of nations so they could put central banks, mint and money supply in there private hands.Out of every $1000 of other people money they kept only $100 in their bank and lent out the rest at interest.then with the money they made they started up other businesses like the steel business to build rail for their Railway companies to transport Oil for their oil companies.Pretty soon the banksters new businesses grew into giant corporations.


Those giant corporation soon turned the world oceans lakes and rivers into giant toilets exploiting every resource on the planet for their own greedy benefit.Profit from all this made them the world richest families but their greed did not stop there.This is when they fomented their plan to rule the entire globe They told people they know longer had to save up for all the things they wanted they created shiny plastic cards and people could buy things at interest putting everyone in the world in debt to them. For whoever owns all the world money owns the world.Soon people did not even realize there pay check was being put in the bank without ever being cashed.There plan is to abolish paper money all together and finally to replace it with the RFID chip Then they would control all. If you got out of hand or disobeyed there rules they would just simply turn off your chip and by this they would control every aspect of your life from cradle to grave. People believe their money is safe in these bank It is not.The banksters created the great depression and are on the verge of doing it again They are in total control with everything that happens on the stock market they decided if the markets go up or down, soars or crashes, the control the price of gold ,oil etc.But you ask why would they want to crash the markets, simple to destroy people confidence in the money supply and create a cash less society and to force people cooperation into their fascist one world government-run by them.According to the Zionist plan written by Adam Weistaupt and Albert Pike the ruling families will bankrupt the middle class and repossess their private property, they will reinstate the military draft and continue disarming nations until there is no one left to disarm.They will make it illegal to have a firearm or any other weapon that could be used to resist them.when the crash does come they will blame it on the phony war on terror which they control and finance on both sides

So what can you do before the banksters phase out money all together and crash the system. If you have money in one of their Banks Withdraw It Immediately By putting your money in their bank you are enriching and empowering them with control over your money and pretty soon over your life.Cut up your credit and debit cards.Pay only with cash or money order or certified cheque.Take all your money out of the rigged stock markets.Cash in your treasury bill and bonds and retirement savings plans.most of the retirement funds have already been looted.Trade in your paper fiat currency for something of real value such as gold silver precious metals and buy yourself a fire-proof safe and keep it all hidden.It not the thief down the block you should be worrying about It the  banksters Many people are under the impression is a government agency and that the government print their money it the private banksters that print it with there Evil Masonic symbols on it shows you who own it THEM.If you think you own your car, your house or other credit purchases a financial crash will remind you of just who exactly own it.Most people believe there hard-earned tax dollar goes to pay for stuff like roads bridge and other public services and so on but this is not the case the truth is all of it every penny goes to pay the National debt the government owes these banksters then they lend your hard-earned tax money back to the government at interest to finances these public services.Before the bombing, theft and destruction of Iraq every American citizen owed the banksters $70,000 per citizen.It is you’re skyrocketing debt and your nations skyrocketing debt to the banksters that helped them enslave the world and there doing it with your money, your labor and your approval.Since these families hide their money and do not pay any taxes!!! Why should you… Avoid paying any taxes you can.The banksters game is taking your money in taxes and lending it back to you at interest IF YOUR NOT MAD YET YOU SHOULD BE…So what do these banksters do with all your money you ask.They bomb, rob, kill, colonize, exploit all to advance there cause of Global control and for your eventual total enslavement ARE YOU MAD NOW…

gold Soars even higher
Solution # 3
REFUSE TO FIGHT THERE WARS Refuse to fight the banksters murderous war and stop supporting other who fight there wars.One of Americas favorite slogan is support your troops no matter what, even if that war is illegal, unjust and a lie and even if your tax dollar is paying teenager by the thousands to die for the lie. Most soldiers are naive broke out of work teenager who are romantically duped into believing they are heroes for fighting for freedom.But really what they’re fighting for are the 300 wealthy families who are systematically disarming the world of all weapons of resistance to their Global empire…

Solution # 4
STOP VOTING IN THERE DEFACTO ELECTIONS A fourth solution is to stop voting.Most countries only really have two parties one candidate for the rich and one candidate for the even richer.It really doesn’t matter who you vote for as they are really just paid puppet actors doing the bidding of the ruling families Because both candidates are sponsored by the lobby groups of these ruling scum balls. Most people will say it is better to pick the lesser of two evil but they are still voting for the same evil and supporting a corrupt electoral system.Remember that both John Kerry and George W. Bush both swore an allegiance to SKULL & BONES long before they ever swore allegiance to the American people so it really did not matter who won even though it was determined long before the vote and even then you had to wonder who their true allegiance was to…Not only were they both Skull and Bones  who is rooted in German Freemasonry but they are both descendent to the British Royalty, The Black Nobility and the Hebrew Tribes of Israel

Solution # 5
STOP OBEYING THERE DEFACTO DISEMPOWERING LAWS Is to stop obeying laws designed to dis-empowered you.The success of the ruling families depend on your obedience to their laws that they make and break including the Ten Commandments

Solution # 6
STOP SHOPPING AT CORPORATE CONGLOMERATE SUPER STORES — BUY SMALL THINK BIG Buy Small and think big…Stop shopping at corporation stores like Wall Mart and big grocery chains.Shop local and by farm fresh and from farmers market as much as you can.Grow your and raise your own food as much as you can.Big banksters corporate food supplies are genetically modified and patenting the food you eat and the seed you need for growing foods as well as animal DNA.Besides the farm who supply the meats to these corporate conglomerates subject the animal to massive Steroids and antibiotic immunizations, inhumane treatment overcrowding and abuse.So think before you shop…

Solution # 7
STOP DONATING TO DEFACTO CHARITIES Stop Donating to Charities… Most of the bigger better known ones take most of the money pays administration fees which turn out it goes right back into their pockets.What philanthropist they are… They are also used them to launder there other dirty drug and weapons trading blood moneys.They also set up these big charities to make themselves look friendly and charitable and to cover up their real agenda.
The queens husband Prince Phillip is the international president of the WWF the worst offender and people get sucked in to donating millions per year all the while thinking they are doing their share to help the world when nothing could be further from the TRUTH…


Solution # 8
BECOME A FREEMAN ON THE LAND AND WITHDRAW ALL PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE TO ANY FLAG Become a freeman on the land and stop swearing allegiance to these corrupt defacto nation states countries or societies or any other flags, and especially to Britain’s gracious and noble Queen who is neither gracious nor noble but an inbreed tyrant Zionist in disguise.Do not bow to any others state or person trying to impose power over yourself.Remember if there is a God there is no one between you and him .
rp_dees (1)

Solution # 9
REJECT DEFACTO CLAIM BY RULING FAMILIES TO YOUR NATIONS PUBLIC WEALTH Refuse to recognize the illegitimate claims of the ruling families to your nations lands, water, resources, railways, airlines power companies, health plan and other publicly held properties that they have been busy privatizing while you were sleeping in front of the TV set.The ruling families have stolen your nation land and resources through corporate privatization, which means they have bought up your nations publicly owned property and where is it all leading to, an eternal world empire in which the power of these ruling families can never be challenged and the earth and all living things will be helplessly at their mercy
dd395-Train (s)

Solution # 10
NAME NAMES Put the blame where it belongs on the ruling families not on there faceless corporation.Corporation like WorldCom, Enron, Merril Lynch, Halliburton are owned by real people with real names and real faces.The public is deceived into believing that ordinary people who invest and buy shares in these giant corporations actually own them… Nothing could be further from the truth… The only shares that really matter are the class A shares all of which are owned by the ruling families.There hand picked lackeys who sit in for them as company directors get shuffled around like packs of slippery cards

Solution # 11
REJECT PROPAGANDA Reject the propaganda, that keeps you passive.Bible believers are taught that Armageddon Apocalypse and the rule of a Satanic Leader is true because the bible says so.Don’t protest do not resist just be passive.These messages are repeated over and over to the millions of bible believer worldwide.Since the ruling families view religion as the opiate of the masses they provide funding for organized religion worldwide.Christians Muslim and Jews have been tricked into praising their God AMEN at the end of every prayer

Solution # 12
ARREST THE COMMITTEE OF 300 FAMILIES Arrest the Committee of 300 Families for their horrific crimes against humanity.Those crimes include Genocide Mass Murder using Americas Atomic Nuclear and Chemical weapons of mass destruction against Japanese and Vietnamese populations Hundreds of thousand of innocent human being were burned, deformed and vaporized with tax payer money…The ruling families crimes also include The Holocaust of Khazar Jews, espionage, drug smuggling and trafficking, extinction of species through environmental rape and pollution, extreme degradation, humiliation, cruelty and torture, blackmail bribery, conspiracy, slavery, racism, mass slaughter, ethnic cleansing, terrorism and the planning and cover-up of 911,grand theft, tax evasion, insider trading, profiting from Hitler’s Nazi labor camps and trading with the enemy, loan sharking, smuggling, corruption, political assassinations and the list goes on and on.The committee of 300 inbreed Families are clever ruthless and morally insane.Since they control the military the weaponry and the world wealth who’s going to arrest them for their horrific crimes and how.The worlds citizen must gather together in large numbers and make citizen arrest of each member of these 300  families

Solution # 13
GET PAST YOUR FEARS Get past your fear and take action!!! Fear is paralyzing and the ruling families know this. They use their media monopolies to fear mongering, terrorize and paralyze the masses.You are either with us or you are with the terrorist which really means If you are with us, you are with the terrorist

Solution # 14
IF THEY CAN TAKE IT WE CAN TAKE IT BACK If 300 families can figure out how to steal all the worlds money, power, wealth and resources and then enslave the masses under one world empire… Then 300 of the same families can figure out how to stop them dead in there tracks… THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD PEOPLE TO DO NOTHING We can take back our world and we must So put away your fear and fight back SAY NO TO THE NWO
ZoSoTRUTHTALK / Come to visit and learn the TRUTH about our deceptive Illusion we all live in




of the


scheme is coming down


Mass Judicial Resignations in British Columbia03/24/2012


Mass Judicial Resignations in Canada Linked to Water War Crimes Corruption

The mass resignations and early retirement of suspected crooked
Canadian judges has gone unreported in the Canadian and international mainstream media but it is clear evidence supporting the accuracy of the allegations set out on this web site that theCanadian system of a politically appointed and, practically, unaccountable judiciary had become riddled with nepotism corruption and croneyism.

Out of approximately 100 superior court judges in British Columbia, nine superior court judges resigned – retired, in December 2011 and Janaury, 2012; Anne Rowles, Carol Huddart, Kenneth MacKenzie, James Shabbits, Dean Wilson, and Grant Burnyeat, or took a supernumary* appointment, Risa Levine, Pamela Kirkpatrick, and David Tysoe. In addition,Supreme Court Master Alan Donaldson suddenly retired on December 31, 2011.
*A supernumary appointment is similar to a retirement but the judge gets half-pay and works half-time over the next year so that he or she has some cash income especially if they don’t have a full pension to draw on. Nine (9) judicial retirements in British Columbia, in two months, is highly unusual (more than 4 x times the estimate average of 1 per month) and corroborates the opinion that a judicial clean-up is going on as a result of the crimes.
Click here to review list of judicial retirements

These judicial retirements follow upon the recent, sudden, early retirements of Supreme Court of Canada Justice, Ian Binnieand Canadian Federal Court Chief Justice, Alan Lutfy, both of whom are deeply linked to the corruption that surrounds the Water War Crimes. Incidentally, former British Columbia Attorney General, Barry Penner announced he would be resigning on August 18, 2011, a mere two days after former Canadian Federal Court Chief Justice, Alan Lutfy announcedhe would be resigning. It was no co-incidence because both Penner and Lutfy were covering up the Water War Crimes.
Immediately after the judicial retirements, British Columbia Premier Christy Clark announced a complete review of theBritish Columbia justice system. Subsequent to that announcement, the three Chief Judges, Finch, Bauman, andCrabtree, in British Columbia, issued two unprecedented joint judicial press releases in defence of judicial independence and most recently, the man in charge of the British Columbia criminal justice system, Robert Gillen, suddenly retired.

Click here to read joint judicial press release

There is very definitely a major change taking place in Canada`s legal and judicial systems.


Mass Layoffs in Canada as Corruption Clean Out Continues04/05/2012

Canadian Government Corruption Clean Up Continues with Mass Layoffs

Following mass judicial and legal resignations in British Columbia, Canada‘s Central Government announced the firing 12, 000 employees, many of whom were involved in the cover up of the Water War Crimes and other criminal activity by employees and officers of Canada’s Government. The prime target of the cuts was the notoriously corrupt Derparment of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.

These mass civil service layoffs follows on the mass judicial resignations in British Columbia where a group of judges linked to the Water War Crimes and other cover up of criminal activity
suddenly resigned in December, 2011, and January, 2012, (see Mass Judicial Resignations in British Columbia posted March 24, 2012) followed by the sudden “retirement” on March 9, 2012, ofRobert Gillen who was deeply involved in the Water War Crimes cover up and the near death experiernce ofCanada’s Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews on April 3, 2012 who was rushed ot hospital suffering from “chest pains” after covering up the Water War Cimes for over eight long years.
The Canadian Government is obviously co-ordinating its mass layoffs with the mass clean out of high level officer holders inside the world’s banking, financial and investment sectors where, like inCanada’s government, corruption has run unchecked over the past decades.
Click here for list of 700 International Banking Resignations
Canada’s Department of Foreign Affiairs and International Trade has beeen singled out as one of the key agencies that needs a clean out with over 6,000 employees to be laid off. TheDepartment of Foreign Affairs and International Trade is has a long and sordid history of fraud, corruption, blackmail, treaty violations, sexual deviancy and other criminal activites that has prompted average Canadians to demand a complete removal of all of the Canada’s foreign service personnel.
Prime Minister Harper, exercising the power of his new majority government, has taken a necessary first step towards refrorm of Canada corrupt Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and we applaud this initiative.

The Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade played a key role in the initiation of theWater War Crimes and successive Canadian Ministers, Ambassadors and other officers have been part of a continuiingcriminal conspiracy to conceal the criminal activity that took place.
Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade was first identified as having been infiltrated by international communism during World War 2 when Lester Pearson, then working for Canada, in Washington, D.C., was oberved by theAmericans to be leaking top secrets to the Soviets.
Pearson returned to Canada, entered poltics, and led Canada to dramatically to the left by recruiting the norotious self admittedCommunist intellectual, Pierre Trudeau, to the Liberal Party of Canada. Trudeau completed what Pearson set out to do and pushed Canada into the hands of a globalist cabal that intended to take over all of the resources of the world including Canada’swater resources that are critical to the long term survival of theAmerican economy.
The Globalist Cabal, that included Queen Elizabeth and her husband, have been temporarily defeated in their plans but it remains to be seen what Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done in his secret negotiations with the American that took place over the past six years wirth respect to the issue of fresh water exports.
Did Prime Minister Harper protect the interests of Canadians or did he sell out to the Globalist Cabal??
The truth will be more fully revealed as the investigations are now moving into iother realms.


On April 5, 2012, the criminal organization that has infiltrated theCanadian Government proved that it still controlled the politically appointed judges of the Supreme Court of Canada that whenJustices Cromwell, Abella, and Lebel (shown above) issued their order refusing to hear the case brought by Mr. Carten andMs. Gibbs because it threatened to expose and destroy the criminal network, allegedly including Queen Elizabeth and her dying husband, that was involved in the Water War Crimes carried out against the people of Canada.
The action in the Canadian Federal Courts has been a great military victory in the onging war against corruption in Canadabecause the forces of freedom and justice have killed and destroyed 27 of Canada’s criminal class and wounded many others without firing a single bullet.


The corruption in Canada’s legal and judicial institutions is deep, pervasive and widespread.
Many more corrupt insiders must be hunted and destroyed.
The Canadian justice system, its lawyers and judges, are notoriously corrupt.
From the bottom to the top and the top to the bottom, from coast to coast to coast, in every city, village and hamlet, politically appointed, unaccountable, unreliable, untrustworthy, dishonest, and sexually perverted judges and lawyers are involved in racketeering, money laundering, corruption, treaty violations, and other criminal activity.
The war for freedom from the judicial and legal criminal tyranny that dominates Canada will continue and more will die because the insiders are now murdering each other in order to protect themsleves from exposure.

Will Vic Toews be the next Victim of the Water War Crimes?

Canadian Publicd Safety, Minister Vic Toews, was rushed to hospital in Ottawa yesterday with a life threatening illness, just likePrince Phillip in December, 2011, and readers of this web site are asking if Vic Toews will soon be buried in the Graveyard of the Guilty along with 31 other persons who have covered up theWater War Crimes in order to protect the guilty.
Co-incidentally both Toews and Prince Philip are Freemasonsand are both linked to members of the Freemason Brotherhood in British Columbia who violated the principles of that ancient fraternity when they carried out the Water War Crimes.
Toews has been covering up the Water War Crimes for years and he is in big, big, trouble both metaphysically, psychologically, and now it appears, physically.
Click read more on right to continue >>>>

When Vic Toews was a lowly opposition member and the Liberal Party of Canada was the government of Canada under Prime Minister Jean Chretien and, later, under Prime Minister Paul Martin, Mr. Carten provided Vic Toews with proof that LiberalParty Ministers, Stephen Owen and Ujjal Dosanjh, had been in charge of the Ministry of the Attorney General in British Columbia when employees of that Ministry had committed the crimes of fraud, perjury and obstruction of justice.
The evidence crimes were committed, was clear and well documented but Vic Toews, who had the opportunity to destroy his political opponents, remained silent and concealed the crimes from the Canadian people and protected the crooked insiders.
When Stephen Harper took over as Prime Minister of Canadain 2006, he appointed Vic Toews to be his Minister of Public Safety which is the Ministry in charge of the Canada’s national police force, the RCMP.
Under the RCMP Act, the Commissioner of the RCMP, at present Commissioner Bob Paulson, must follow the directions of the Minister of Public Safety. So, if Vic Toews orders theRCMP not to investigate certain crimes, the RCMP must follow orders and not investigate those crimes. In this way, Canada’s national police force has become corrupted at the top, crooked politicians and insiders are protected, police morale declines and corruption spreads throughout the force.
Corruption at the top breeds corruption at the bottom.
It was expected that when he was elected the Prime Minister of Canada, Harper would order an investigation of the Water War Crimes because while campaigning for the job of Prime Minister he was provided the same documents provided to Toews and, shortly afterwards, he villified the past government corruption in British Columbia as part of his campaign rhetoric.
If Toews does die from his sudden serious illness, he will be another lesson for those in high office in Canada who cover up crimes against the people of Canada.
God has no mercy on wicked leaders who cheat and deceive their people.

Three Amigos Summit
Water Exports

Water is necessary for life.
Canada has plenty, Mexico and the American southwest do not.
Briefly stated, the ecomonies of the United States andMexico will wither and die without additional supplies of water and the only realistic source of that water is Canada. Furthermore, Canada’s ecomony is utterly and completely dependant on the success or failure of the econonies of its neighbours and it is in Canada’s best interests to do whatever is reasonably possible to insure that success and this includes massive diversions of fresh water to the American southwest andMexico.
It is also consistent with the Golden Rule – the Supreme Lawgoverning relations among friends and neighbours.
Click read more on right to continue reading ……………….

When Prime Minister Harper was elected, he took over a mess of intrigue and corruption related to water exports. A large part of the Canadian population were opposed to water exports as a result of massive illegal fraudulent media campaign by environmental groups that had been funded with foreign money.
These foreign controlled anti-American political lobby groups are still at work in Canada but, as a result of the 2012 Canadian Government budget, they will now fall under close supervision and monitoring by Canada Revenue Agency to insure they use their foreign money in accordance with Canadian law instead of using it for political propaganda causing confusion and mis-understanding on the part of the Canadian public who are particularly vulnerable to distortion, deceit and dishonesty.
Due to his minority government position, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has had to be extremely cautious making and public announcements about water export because foreign agents in Canada’s media and the opposingCanadian political parties would have used the issue against him.
Nevertheless, Prime Minister Harper went to work and after six years of minority governments, backroom meetings, intimidation, arm-twisting, legal negotiations and other maneouvering,Canadian Prime Minister Stpehen Harper is finally in a position to begin the process of making good on the promises that previousCanadian Prime Ministers made to deliver water to the UnitedStates and Mexico on a massive basis.

Canadian Politicians Prepare For Massive Bulk Water Exports03/31/2012

Tory – NDP Leadership Prepares
Massive Water Exports

The Canadian political puppet show, apparently controlled from above, continues to move forward towards massive bulk water exports to the United States and Mexico with the election of Thomas Mulcair, (shown in photo on right) a historic supporter of bulk water exports as new leader of Canada’s left wing, socialist, New Democratic Party (NDP) and the introduction of the Canada’s first budget in over 20 years under a right wing majority Conservative Government by Canadian Finance Minister, James Flaherty (shown in photo on left). The budget contains little understood provisions that will assist the water export plans to move forward.

Canadians recall that American President, Ronald Regan, and Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, attempted to open the floodgates of massive bulk water exports with the introduction the Canada US Free Trade Agreement in 1989 but those plan were thwarted by the political corruption in Canada, especially in Ottawa and Victoria, BC, when a group of Canadian political insiders attempted to capture an illegal monopoly position so they could enrich themselves from a resource that belonged to all Canadians.
Click here to read the Grand Plan to Steal Canada’s Water
Hidden in the small print of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s 2012 federal budget are measures that are intended to assist the Government of Canada keep its past agreements with the Government of the United States to export vast amounts of fresh water to both the United States and Mexico.
, the Conservative Government has shortened of the maximum length of time for an environmental review of a major project, from 48 months to a maximum of 24 months. This means that the various projects can be reviewed, approved, contracts signed and construction initiated and, in some cases completed, prior to the election of a new government that might be opposed to the projects.
Secondly, the Harper government has ordered the Canada Revenue Agency to closely monitor environmental groups that accept money from foreign sources, such as the Sierra Club, that was used by foreign agents to obstruct the export of fresh water to the United States in 1991 by lobbying for a moratorium of water exports that was, in reality, created to assist inisders obtain a monopoly export position.
Click here to link to 2012 Conservative Budget
It is a well established fact that additional supplies of fresh water are critical to the long term survival of the United States economy and, incidentally, Canada’s economy, so America’s enemies have used Canadian environmentalists and their political stooges as part of their ongoing war against America and what is stands for.
Thomas Mulcair has been more blunt and is the only Canadianpolitician, since the late 1980’s in British Colubmia, to openly support managed water exports from Canada to the United States.
Mulcair’s position is based on reason and sound environmental principles. The opposition is based on anti-Americanism and anational delusion that water is Canada’s most prescious resouce when, clearly, Canada has an overabundance of water that caused massive annual flooding and flows into the ocean in massive quantities without any attempt to save it. Unlike gold, diamonds precious minerals, trees, and other resourses, raw water, fresh water, is freely available in Canada and has a negligible market value.
When politicians tell Canadians that water is Canada’s most prescious resource they are outright lying.
Due to its peculiar location and geography, water is the most plentiful renewable resource in Canada and, by any rational measure, water, or snow as it exists in Canada for 6+ months each year, should be the first resource that Canadians would decide to export instead of depleting mines, cutting down old growth forests, exterminiating its natural wildlife or draining its fossil fuel energy reserves.
Mulcair has to be careful because, traditionally, the NDP has been controlled by anti-American globalists and the party has opposed to helping our American neighbours but he does deserves credit for his honesty about water exporets in the past and it is expected he will lead his party in a new direction because theQuebec members of his caucus are not as anti- American as theEnglish speaking members who are, generally, controlled by theLondon based financial interests who have been manipulating Canadian politics and the Harper government through lies and deception.
Click here to link to Mulcair and Water Exports
Over the past several years, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, British Columbia’s disgraced and Ex-Premier, Gordon Campbell, now in hiding in London, England, and Canada’s other western Premiers, US President Barack Obama, California Ex-Governor, Arnold Schwarznegger and several western US Governors, along with the Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles, have been, quietly and secretively, signing documents that will establish the legal and financial framework for the creation of a North American Water Supply System based largely on Canadian water.
Click here to read and Queen Elizabeth and water exports
The issues are extremely serious. Thirty (30) witnesses have died; many of whom suddenly and in circumstances that suggest they were murdered.
Click here to visit the Graveyard of the Guilty
The water issue will, without doubt, be part of the discussions at the Three Amigos Conference in Washington on April 2, 2012, when US President Barack Obama, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Mexican President Felipe Claderon meet to discuss trilateral issues.

The Graveyard of the Guilty
A Roll Call of the Dead
Click link or scroll down page for more information.

1. Michel Trudeau, son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, sudden death Friday, November 13, 1998 – by a freak avalanche.  Michel Trudeau had nothing to do with the Water War Crimes except he was the son of Pierre Trudeau who was intimately involved with the crimes.  There is reason to believe Michel Trudeau’s death was part of a ritual or symbolic murder.
2. John Tait, former Canadian Deputy Minister of Justice, 1988 to 1995 when many Water War Crimes took place aided by Department of Justice.  Dies suddenly in 1999 after brief illenss that commences when claim of Sun Belt Water Inc. shifted to Ottawa from British Columbia.  Murder is suspected.
3.  Pierre Trudean, former Prime Minister of Canada, died September 2000.  Trudeau’s role in Water War Crimes remains closely guarded Canadian secret.
4.  Mr. Justice James Taylor, crooked decision against Mr. Carten, October 2001, death by sudden unexpected heart attack while in excellent health, January, 2006.  Murder suspected.
5.  Judge Sid Clark, crooked decision against Mr. Carten, June 1998, death 2007, cause unknown.
6.  Mr. Justice Robert Edwards, crooked decision against Mr. Carten, May 1996, death by sudden unexpected heart attack while in excellent health, November  5, 2007.  Probably murdered.
7.  Mr. Justice Antonio Lamer crooked decisions at Judicial Council against Mr. Carten and Ms Gibbs, 1998 -99, sudden death November, 2007, due to heart issues.
8.  Chief Justice Allan McEachern, crooked decisions at Judicial Council against Mr. Carten and Ms Gibbs, 1998-2001, sudden death  January, 2008
9.  Mr. Justice Ralph Hutchinson, crooked decision 1997 against Ms. Gibbs, sudden death March, 2008.  Murder a possibility.
10.  Mr. Stan Hagen, crooked activities against Sun Belt water – 1991 – and against Mr. Carten 2005 -2008,  sudden death by heart attaack January 2009, two hours after meeting with crooked BC Premeir Gordon Campbell.  Murder suspected.
11. Jean Pellitier, a long time friend and close ally of Prime Minister Jean Chretien.  Died by sudden onset cancer on January 10, 2009.  Pellitier was Chief of Staff for Prime Minister Jean Chretien from 1993 to 2001 when many of the Water War Crimes were carried out.  Murder by cancer a possibility.
12.  Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield, malicious prosecution of Mr. Carten 2008, sudden death May, 2009, allegedly by sudden cancer.  Murder or suicide probable.
13.  Mr. Justice David Vickers, crooked activities aganist Mr. Carten 1996, dead November, 2009.
14. Mr. Justice John Bouck crooked decisions against Sun Belt Water 1997, dead January2010.
15. Mr. Jack Ebbels, crooked activities relating to water exports 1988 to 1991, sudden death by heart attack, February, 2010, murder probable.
17.Mr. Glen Shortliffe, crooked activities relating to water exports 1988 to 1992, sudden death by unexpected heart attack, May, 2010, murder probable.
18. Mr. Mario Lague, top water export insider, Privy Council adviser to Prime Ministers Chretien and Paul Martin 1998 to 2005, sudden death by “alleged” motor vehicle accident, August 12, 2010.  Murder possible.
19. Senator Norm Atkins, linked to Water War Crimes insiders, death from heart complications September 26, 2010,
20. Maurice Foster, top advisor to Prime Minister Jean Chretien succumbs to lingering illness October 10, 2010.
21.  Jack Hooper, part of Canada’s Spy Agency that spied on Mr. Carten, Ms. Gibbs and Sun Belt Water Inc., death from sudden heart attack, at age 57, November 12, 2010. Murder probable.
22.David Lam, Lieutenant Governor of BC who signed illegal orders in council enacting illegal moratorium on bulk water exports in March 1991. Death, at age 87, on November 22, 2010, murder not suspected.
22. Michel Gratton, press secretary for Prime Minister Mulroney, 1985 to 1988, found dead January 13, 2011, cause of death not stated, age 58.  Author of Spyworld the exposure of Canada’s intelligence establishment. Murder is suspected.
23. Audrey Best Bouchard, dead by cancer Janaury 25, 2011.  Wife of former Quebec separatist leader, Lucien Bouchard who attempted to confer an illegal water export monopoly onW.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd.  In 2000, Best Bouchard joined the law firm of Heenan Blaikie a safe haven for several players in the Water War Crimes. Cancer is the alleged cause of death.
24. Mr. Justice H.A.D. (Bert) Oliver, retired B.C. Supreme Court Justice and top Freemason. Died January 14, 2011 after suddenly falling ill 2 month prior. Leading British Columbia judicial insider and keeper of many corrupt secrets.  Murder a possibility.
25. Gillian Wallace, Assistant Deputy and Deputy Attorney General of British Columbia with links to federal Department of Justice, dead March 1, 2011, allegedly by cancer.  Responsible for crimes of fraud perjury and obstruction of justice in Water War Crimes. Linked to other major crime by Ministry of Attorney General for British Columbia.  Top government insider.
26.  Donald Brenner, former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of British Columbia, dead March 13, 2011, from sudden heart attack when in excellent health.  Brenner made corrupt rulings against Mr. Carten and was a member of judicial mafia and linked to other judicial crimes.  Murder is suspected.
27.  Martin Mason, senior partner at Gowlings. Represented Canadian Judicial Ccouncil and several crooked judges. Acted corruptly by opposing justice and protecting the guilty.  Died suddenly June 18, 2011.  Possible murder victim.
28.  Jack Layton, dead on August 22, 2011. Leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party. Layton played a key role in the cover up of the Water War Crimes and mis-leading the Canadian public over water export issues.  Layton developed cancer in early 2011, seemed to be recovering, and suddenly died.  Murder a possibility.
29. Sandra Gail Roberts, dead September 30, 2011.  Allegedly an integral part of Government of Premier Gordon Campbell when Campbell was covering up crimes by insiders.  Death
by rapidly developing cancer after leaving Premier’s office, murder suspected
30. Reg Alcock, dead October 14, 2011.  Was a member of Governments of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin when they commenced illegal and despicable attack on Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs. Dropped dead from alleged sudden heart attack at Winnipeg International Airport.  Probable murder victim.
                              SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFORMATION

Dead Judges Don’t Lie


This is where things start to get spooky.  Eleven crooked judges linked to this one lawsuit suddenly started dying when Mr. Carten started exposing their crimes. Fifteen other key witnesses also suddenly dropped as the case heated up.
In addition, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeausuddenly died in September, 2000, while the rats in Ottawa were juming ship.
The eleven judges were in a postion to blow the whistle on the judicial mafia and how it operates in Canada, especially in British Columbia.  Did someone have a motive for murder?
You bet they did.
The dead judges were not the masterminds behind the Water War Crimes.  They were merely the footsoldiers directed to attack anyone exposing the Water War Crimes.  Their targets were,Sun Belt Water Inc., Aquasource Ltd., Mr. Carten and his family and, collaterally, Ms. Gibbsand her family.  The generals in this aspect of the Water War Crimes remain hidden but they are there, nonetheless, and their soldiers, the judges, are expendable.

Soldiers On A Battlefield

In every war, there are the dead and the wounded; the casualties.
There is a war going on, between Canada and the United States, over fresh water.  It is a political war and a legal war.  Some say it could lead to a military war.
Mr. Carten and Ms Gibbs were caught in the cross-fire.  So were nine Canadian judges.  They are dead.  Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs have survived- so far….
The Canadian and British Columbia Governments targeted Mr. Carten and attempted to destroy him because he was helping the American corporation, Sun Belt Water, Inc., in a lawsuit that threatened to expose political corruption related to fresh water exports at the highest levels of government in Ottawa, Canada’s capital, and in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, Canada’s western most province.
The Governmentr strategy was simple, destroy Sun Belt’s case by destroying its lawyer, Mr. Carten, and by destroying the woman who had been helping him, Ms. Gibbs, a divorced, single mother with five children.  The tools were readily available.  Trap them in litigation, insert crooked judges into the cases and create chaos in their lives with crooked judicial rulings.  Attack Mr. Carten through the Law Society of British Columbia (a government controlled agency), attempt to get him disbarred, use corrupt psychiatrists to try to discredit him, prevent him from practicing law, railroad him into jail, and bring fraudulent criminal charges against him.
The strategy worked.  They were reduced to poverty.  Their assests were looted by perverse judicial rulings.  Mr. Carten, although never disbarred or suspended, was prevented from practising law in British Columbia.
Their enemies thought they had won but they underestimated who they were dealing with.
Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs fought back.  They searched for information that would prove to destroy those who had attacked them.  They interviewed private citizens from all over British Columbia, Alberta and other parts of Canada who had similar horror stories about the Canadian judiciary and certain prominent Canadian law firms.  They spoke with private investigators and police officers.  They contacted people outside Canada for information.
They learned about the judicial mafia, a secret group of select judges who control the agenda in Canada’s court system and fix cases for the benefit of their friends and colleagues.
Documents and information came into their possession which proved there had been a criminal conspiracy related to bulk water exports that included the Chief Justice of British Columbia, several BC Attorney Generals, a number of Premiers, one, possibly more, Prime Ministers of Canada and several judges who had acted against us in various court cases.

How Stephen Harper Kept His Promise To Clean Up the Justice System


On October 8, 2005, Mr. Carten hand delivered to Stephen Harper, the Second Police Report, a 100 plus page book of documents showing that Paul Martin’s fellow cabinet, Stephen Owen, Ujjal Dosanjh, and Anne McLellan had been involved in a classic political cover up of criminal misconduct carried out by government employees in the Sun Belt Water Inc litigation.  Within eight weeks, Stephen Harper had persuaded NDP leader, Jack Layton, and Bloc Quebecois leader, Gilles Duceppe, to join with him and to vote Prime Minister Paul Martin’s minority government out of power.
Did Stpehen Harper use the Second Police report to persuade Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe to destroy Paul Martin?  You will have to ask Stephen Harper about that.
Nonetheless, within weeks, Mr. Harper was elected and the first of the eleven judges, suddenly, dropped dead.
We are not accusing Stephen Harper of murder but the reader should keep in mind that Stephen Harper promised to fix the justice system and it is assumed that his investigations may have put pressure on some of the bad guys in the system.  The litany of judicial deaths set out below reads like an execution process.

Number 1. – Mr.  Justice James Taylor – January 10, 2006


At the same time that we delivered our evidence to Stephen Harper, we began to report to the appropriate authorities, the serious criminal misconduct of Mr. Justice James Taylor of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, appointed to office by Mr. Jean Chretien, and, on January 10, 2006, at his ski cabin on Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island, Judge Taylor suddenly dropped dead, at age 64, in excellent health, from an alleged heart attack.    Mr. James Taylor was dead judge number one.  Little did we know that by June 3, 2011 eleven crooked judges, all of whom abused their positions of trust and authority in  order to cause us harm, would be dead along with 12 others.
In retrospect, we suspect Mr. Justice Taylor was murdered or committed suicide to avoid public humiliation to himself and his family for the crimes he had committed which were in addition to his judicial attack on Mr. Carten and his family.
We conducted an analysis of the cases Justice Taylor was assigned to.   Time and time again,Justice Taylor was inserted by his masters into cases that had a political dimension and, in those cases, he protected dirty politicians or other government insiders at the expense of the average citizen.
In our opinion, Justice Taylor and the remaining eleven dead judges were part of the “judicial mafia”, a term used by an RCMP inspector to describe the group of judges who fix cases in Canada.  Since the days of Pierre Trudeau’s government, the RCMP have been restrained from investigating the “judicial mafia” and political crimes because the RCMP have been under direct political control of the federal government by virtue of provisions in the RCMP Act inserted byMr. Trudeau’s government.
However, as private citizens, we were not restrained from carrying out investigations of those who attacked us.  As we collected information from multiple sources about our enemies and starting publishing it, they started dropping dead.
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Number 2. – Provincial Court Judge Sid Clark – Deceased Sometime 2007


The second death occurred sometime during 2007, at a date we have not yet confirmed when British Columbia Provincial Court Judge Sid Clark died.  Judge Sid Clarkwas a early player in the strategic judicial attack on Mr. Carten by the Government of Canada.  He denied Mr. Carten his fundamental right to call witnesses in his own defence at a trail where his liberty was in issue and set the stage for the subsequent imprisonment of Mr. Carten by another handpicked Provincial Court judge.  Judge Clark had hung his head in shame, and stared at his desk when he made his judgment that was part of the railroading of Mr. Carten in 1998.  Was Judge Clark’s death in 2007 a co-incidence?   Was it related to the fact that Mr. Carten had been publishing the facts of Judge Clark’s misconduct to various authorities in 2006 and 2007?  Was Judge Clark murdered to silence him?
Prior to his appointment to the bench Judge Clark was a fine and honourable man and, with the exception of what he did that particular monring in the summer of 1998, we have no information otherwise.  The people that compromised the integrity of Sid Clark on that summer morning in 1998 should be hunted down and put in jail.
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Number 3. – Mr. Justice Robert Edwards – deceased – November 5, 2007


On November 5, 2007,  the third crooked judge, Mr. Justice Robert Edwards, dropped dead from a sudden unexpected heart attack.  In May 1996, Justice Edwardswas inserted by his masters into a case involving Mr. Carten and made orders that caused serious harm to Mr. Carten, his children and his ex-wife.  At the time, we did not understand why Mr. Edwards would attack Mr. Carten but, a year later, documents came into our hands that proved that Mr. Justice Edwards was a key player in the bulk water export crimes when he was Deputy Attorney General of British Columbia.
Other investigations have proved that Mr. Justice Edwards was a key player in the Dr. Kuntz affair, a multi-million dollar medical insurance fraud carried out by the offices of some of Canada’s premier law firms located in Vancouver.  What was unsettling about the death of Mr. Justice Edwards was its date.  We had been complaining about Mr. Justice Edwards for several years with no apparent result but he dropped dead less than 10 days after we served his former employer, the Attorney General of British Columbia, with legal papers that implicated Justice Edwards as a major player in the criminal conspiracy related to bulk water exports.  In addition, November 5th is Guy Fawkes Day in recognition of the Englishman, Guy Fawkes, who attempted to blow up the British Parliament in 1605.  As a result of his criminal activities, which violated the laws passed by Parliament and the British Columbia legislature, it was fitting that Mr. Justice Edwards died, was murdered, or committed suicide on Guy Fawkes Day.
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Number 4. – Chief Justice Antonio Lamer – retired – Deceased November24, 2007


On November 24, 2007, the fourth judge, retired Canadian Chief Judge, Antonio Lamer, died, allegedly, from heart disease.  Mr. Lamer’s death was less than one month after we served legal papers on the Government of Canada directly implicating retired Justice Lamer in high level corruption that was related to bulk water exports. Was this another co-incidence?  Did Mr. Lamer’s health suddenly fail because he knew his crimes were now being exposed?  Was Justice Lamer murdered in order to silence him?
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Number 5. – British Columbia Chief Justice Alan McEachern – Deceased – January 5, 2008


On January 11, 2008, the fifth judge died.  Retired British Columbia Chief Justice, Alan McEachern, allegedly succumbed to cancer.  He was 81.  His death was about two months after after we served his former employer, the Government of Canada, with the same legal papers that implicated Edwards and Lamer.  Those legal papers placedMr. McEachern squarely in the center of a the criminal conspiracy involving bulk water exports while he was the Chief Justice of British Columbia.  Was this another mere co-incidence?  Was his death hastened by the realization that involvement in high level corruption was now part of the public record in court proceedings?
Mr. McEachern was a key player in the judicial mafia inBritish Columbia and, along with Beverley McLachlin he used his influence at the Canadian Judicial Council to block many investigations of judicial corruption.
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Number 6. – Mr. Justice Rafe Hutchinson – Retired – Deceased – March 2008


On March, 20 2008, the sixth judge died. Retired Justice Ralph Hutchinson, age 77, died less than three weeks after he was served with a copy of the Statement of Claim in the Water War Crimes lawsuit that accused him of participating in a judicial conspiracy to cause harm to Karen Gibbs and her young family as part of the despicable strategy of the Government of Canada.
His obituary stated he had been in excellent health but slipped into an illness a few weeks before his death and passed away. Was this another co-incidence?
Did Justice Hutchinson develop a guilty conscience so severe that it killed him?
Was Justice Hutchinson murdered to prevent him from talking?
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Number 7. – Provincial Court of British Columbia Chief Judge Hugh  Stansfield – Deceased May 7, 2009


For a time, it appeared the dying was over when, on May 7, 2009, judge number seven dropped dead when Provincial Court Chief Judge, Hugh Stansfield,  suddenly and mysteriously, died, allegedly, from cancer.  Judge Stansfield’s death came a few days after documents were exchanged over the internet that implicated Judge Stansfield in the sexual abuse of children as young as six.  This information was being gathered and put into a legal format in the last two weeks of April, 2009, with the intent of filing it in a court in support of a petition to remove Judge Stansfieldfrom office.  Agents of the Government of Canada were monitoring that e-mail exhange.  Immediately Jim Judd, head of CSIS and Kevin Lynch, Clerk of the Privy Council, announced they would be resigning and Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield was dead by May 7, 2009.
Death by cancer was a convenient alibi because, five years earlier, Judge Stansfield had been treated for cancer but death by cancer defied common sense because Judge Stansfield was seen to be in robust good health at a public hearing on April 25, 2009, yet 12 days later he was dead from a disease that kills slowly over months or years.  Did Judge Stansfield really die of cancer?  Was he murdered?  Did he commit suicide?
If you don’t understand this pedofile stuff then let’s make it very plain.  If you want to control a judge, police officer or a bureaucrat, you can bribe him, but that is expensive.  If is cheaper and more effective to control him or her through blackmail and a pedofile or someone who delights in child porn is very easy to blackmail.  There have been persistent rmumours that there was a nest of pedofiles operating in the justice and police systems in Canada. This is no co-incidence.
Judge Stansfield and his legal assistant had been a key player in the malicious prosecution and attempted railroading of former Sun Belt Water lawyer, John Carten, by insiders with the Government of British Columbia.  That prosecution commenced January 30, 2008, nine days after the Statement of Claim in Action T-95-08 was filed in the Federal Court.
This was a mean-minded, dirty prosecution based on fraudulent statements given to the police byChief Judge Stansfield’s legal assistant, Brenda Edwards, complaints were filled with Premier Gordon Campbell and BC Attorney General, Wally Oppal, that Chief Judge Stansfield was refusing to carry out an investigation of BC Provincal Court Judge Brian Klaver and BC Law Society CEO, Tim McGee, who had been secretly communicating with each other in some mysterious way to set aside subpoenas that had been issued to compel Mr. McGee to appear in court as a witness in a case where the BC Government was trying to put the accused in jail and the Law Society was a party to the offence in question. Judge Brian Klaver was the trial judge.
Chief Judge Stansfield was a dirty judge appointed to his position by Premier Gordon Campbell.  Prior to his appointment to the bench Judge Stansfield was also a significant player in the medical insurance fraud we have previously referred to as the Dr. Kuntz Affair.

Within a month of the death of Judge Stansfield, on June 11, 2009, another Defendant in Federal Court Action, T-95-08, BC Supreme Court Chief Justice, Donald Brenner, suddenly announced he was taking early retirement. It was obvious that Mr. Brenner was beginning to feel the heat and, perhaps, someone was starting to ask him questions he did not wish to answer.
Mr. Brenner’s early retirement, at age 64, when he could sit to age 75, reminded us of the early retirements taken by Canada’s Chief Justice, Antonio Lamer, in August 1999, and BC Supreme Court Chief Justice, Bryan Williams, in February 2000 after complaints had been filed about Williams between July and December 1999 that linked mis-conduct by Williams to then sitting Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Mr. Brenner had been a shadowy figure in the judicial attack on Mr. Carten. As Chief Justice, Mr. Brenner was probably responsible for assigning the crooked Mr. Justice Taylor to Mr. Carten’s case. The role of Mr. Brenner in this matter is not fully explored due to the stalling and delay by Mr. Justice Lutfy and the prothonotary Mr Lafreniere in the Federal Court and the refusal of the Minister of Justice to respond to our requests for an investigation.
The resignation of Bryan Williams was front page news in British Columbia in the first week of February, 2000, but the Canadian Judicial Council Executive Director, Jeannie Thomas, andBritish Columbia’s Chief Justice, Allan McEachern, both defendants in Action T-95-08, immediately set out to deceive and bamboozle the Canadian public by falsely denying that there had been any complaints about or investigation of Chief Justice Williams prior to his resignation. There certainly were complaints and there certainly had been an investigation. Canada’s new Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin and every member of her court was advised that the statements by Mr. McEachern and Ms. Thomas were fraudulent but, to date, no action has been taken to amend the public record.
We have added Chief Justice McLachlin as a defendant to our action because she is the Chairperson of the Canadian Judicial Council and, as such, she has a legal and ethical duty to insure the Canadian Judicial Council does not engage in fraud, deception, or deceit as it has.
Mr. Carten contacted Globe and Mail reporter Robert Matas who, in a story he had written, quoted the fraudulent statement by Jeannie Thomas and he informed Mr. Matas that both Ms. Thomas and Chief Justice McEachern were not telling the truth. Although initially interested,Mr. Matas and his publisher declined to issue a public correction or retraction and, arguably, theGlobe and Mail has been a party to a fraud.
The Vancouver Sun and the Victoria Times Colonist were also contacted and advised their stories about the events leading to the resignation of Chief Justice Williams were factually wrong and they too refused to print a retraction.
So, ask yourself. What is going on?
Why did NINE judges, all connected to one case, suddenly begin to drop dead when our legal process exposed them as participants in a criminal scheme?
Were any of them murdered?
Why did two Chief Justices of the BC Supreme Court, who played a role in this matter and who were appointed to office by Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his colleagues, suddenly resign?
Why did the Chief Justice of BC and the official spokesperson for the judiciary in Canada lie to the public in March of 2000?
Why did the Globe and Mail, the Vancouver Sun other newspapers publish false information that has misled the Canadian public for almost a decade?
Why has the CBC never explained to Canadians the facts about the corruption that took place in relation to bulk water exports to the USA when it has broadcast a number of stories about bulk water exports but always steering clear of the political corruption issues?
Why did the Federal Court prothonotary Mr. Roger Lafreniere refuse to process two relatively simple court applications in Action T-95-08 for over a year?
Was Roger Lafreniere acting under directions to stall and delay?
Why did Chief Justice Lutfy, who was so close to Jean Chretien that he interviewed potential cabinet ministers, appoint Roger Lafreniere, a prothonotary, to be the case management judge in Action T-95-08 when we had requested a real judge because of the seriousness of the case?
Why is the present Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson, and the present BC Attorney General,Mike Dejong, opposing our application to have our case heard by a judge who enjoys security of tenure instead of a clerk of the court, Mr. Lafreniere, who has no security of tenure, and who can fired at the will of Stepehn Harper’s Conservative government or by some future Liberal government?
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Number 8. – Mr. Justice David Vickers – November 15, 2009


And then there was the death of Mr. Justice David Vickers on November 15, 2009 another prediction come true.
According to his obituary, David Vickers was diagnosed with terminal cancer in July, 2009, only two months after Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs predicted “more destruction and death”  in a letter to Prime Minister Harper, Justice Minister Nicholson, Kevin Lynch, Clerk of the Privy Council, and John Sims, Deputy Minister of Justice.

On page two of the letter Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs wrote:
Once again, we are offering you and your colleagues the opportunity to settle our claim justly and on established principles of law and equity, instead of compelling us to move forward in a manner that will, under karmic law lead to more death and destruction”.

The offer was rejected and David Vickers died on November 15, 2009.
David Vickers had been Deputy Attorney General for British Columbia from 1973 to 1976.
Due to his connections with the Ministry of the Attorney General he was close to Robert Edwards, the former Deputy Attorney General who guided the British Columbia government in its breach of the Free Trade Agreement, the GATT and the Water Act.
David Vickers was also close to long term employee of the Minstry of the Attorney General,William Pearce, the lawyer who led the strategy of fraud, fraudulent concealment, perjury and obstruction of justice in the Sun Belt Water lawsuit.  Like William Pearce, David Vickers had a second home on Thetis Island, a small island located north of the City of Victoria.
We have not yet determined if David Vickers had his home provided to him “free of charge” like one was provided to William Pearce by an unknown benefactor.
David Vickers played a central role in the cover up of the War War Crimes which included his participation in two perverse judgments that prevented Aquasource Ltd., a company hoping to develop a water export business, from obtaining access to the “cabinet submission” that proved the British Columbia government was violating international trade law in order to favour “friends of the government”.
Because of David Vickers fraudulent application of the law, Aquasource Ltd. and Sun Belt Water Inc. were forced into lengthy and costly litigation.
If David Vickers had not been a crooked judge, both cases might have been resolved long long ago.
In addition, David Vickers showed up as a secret agent for the British Columbia government in 1996 as presiding judge at a pre-trial conference in Mr. Carten’s  divorce proceedings and he fed back critical information that allowed the BC Government to sabotage Mr. Carten by later inserting its agent, Robert Edwards, as the judge at the divorce trial.  This is how the Government manipulated the strings in the court system.
While most people think cancer is a physical dis-ease it often has its genesis in emotional issues. David Vickers knew he had done wrong.  He knew he had harmed people by it.  His conscience  worked on him.  He was ill at ease with himself because of it and became dis-eased.  He developed cancer and died.
Or was David Vickers murdered by insiders who gave him one a dose of some of the chemical weapon often used to actually cause cancer in intended victims.  David Vickers knew some secrets and he was a liability.
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Number 9. – Mr. Justice John Bouck deceased January 18, 2010


Justice John Bouck is dead judge number nine.  He was retired and aged 79.  So, we aren’t trying to persuade you there was a murder here.
Justice John Bouck was one of the players in the cover up of the WaterWarCrimes.  In 1997, he made a perverse, i.e. crooked ruling, against Sun Belt Water Inc.  There were two cases that stated the applicable law. One by the Supreme Court of Canada, the other by the Ontario Court of Appeal. Mr. Justice Bouck decided he would not follow the law that was given to him by lawyers for both the Crown and Sun Belt.  This was wrong.  Mr. Bouck caused a lot of harm to some innocent people by not following the law.  He earned bad karma.
Justice John Bouck, probably acting under instructions from insiders, also made unnecessary and legally incorrect comments about the likelihood of success of the claim of Sun Belt Water Inc.  This also earned him bad karma.
Mr. Justice John Bouck loved the law.  He wrote many books and articles.  He also blew the whistle on the inordinate powers of the Chief Justice in a series of  articles that appeared in Canadian newspapers in 1998 that may have been prompted by the pressure put upon him in 1997 to make a false judgment against Sun Belt Water Inc.
Our sources have advised Mr. Justice John Bouck was personally threatened for publishing this material about the powers of the Chief Justice.
Our opinion of Justice John Bouck was later corroborated by e-mail correspondence from a gentleman, who will remain anonymous, but who suggested John Bouck was in league with drug dealers.
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The death of former British Columbia Supreme Court Justice H.A.D. Oliver on January 12, 2011, was a not a complete surprise.  After all, he was 89.  However, until 2 months before his deaht he was in excellent health.
Oliver, shown on the right in the photo, was extremely well connected, internationally, and it is suspected he was a sleeper agent for British Intelligence operating in Canada.
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Donald Brenner was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia,  in 1992, when the notoriousJohn Tait was Deputy Attorney General for Canada.
Donald Brenner was appointed Chief Justice of theSupreme Court of British Columbia by Prime Minister Jean Chretien in 2000 to replace Chief Justice Brian Williams who was forced to resign in February, 2000, after Mr. Carten blew the whistle onhim for caught him manipulating the judicial process.
Mr.  Brenner suddenly resigned from his position as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in June, 2009, one month after British Columbia  Provincial Court Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield suddenly dropped in circumstances that suggest he was murdered or committed  suicide.  It appeared that Donald Brenner was frightened for his life.
Then, almost 2 years later,  Donald Brenner dropped dead from an unexpected heart attack on March 12, 2011.  Murder is suspected.
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The Foregoing are the Eleven Dead Judges linked to this Lawsuit.
Who will be next?


There are several judges named in the Water War Crimeswho deliberately did injustice and who remain alive. There are some against whom our allegations may be wrong and, if so, we deeply apologize and encourage you to clarify your position by contacting us at
But, there are others who know that they did wrong.
We encourage those who know they did wrong to make amends by coming clean.  Doing so will help to balance your karma.

Seventeen Other Sudden Deaths



Michel Trudeau was the youngest son of Canada’s most famous Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

On November 13, 1998, exactly one month after theGovernment of Canada escalated its war against John Frederick Carten, by illegally putting Carten,  a man who had committed no crime, into a prison on Vancouver Island, Pierre Trudeau’s son was dead.  Carten was imprisioned after a trial where he was not permitted to call necessary witnesses in his defence.  Trial was fixed by agents of the Trudeau mob.
On Novemvver 13, 1999, Michel Trudeau was back country skiing in Canada’s Rocky mountians when an avalanche crashed down a mountain side and swept him to and icy death in a lake below.
Avalanches are extremely rare, in November, in Canada’s Rocky Mountains and there are those who say that the death of Michel Trudeau was the result of pre-meditated murder in retaliation against Pierre Trudeau.
In the backwoods of British Columbia, there live men, many on the run from the Government of Canada, who know every rock and every tree and who know exactly where to place an explosive device in order to create an avalanche that would kill the unsuspecting son of a Prime Minister they despised.

There are those who say that agents of Mr. Carten set up explosive charges in the mountains to induce the avalanche that swept Michel Trudeau to his death.
This is unlikely because, at the time, Carten was unaware of the involvement of Pierre Trudeau in the Water War Crimes.  The RCMP, Canada’s national police force, scoured the area buy could not find the body of Michel Trudeau and the cause of death remains unknown.
There are others who say the devil had come to collect on the bargain he made with Pierre Trudeau in exchange for giving Trudeau the power, position and prestige he craved.
But there are others who say that Michel Trudeau was also the target of an earlier failed assassination attempt on July 17, 1998.
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John Tait

John Tait

John Tait was Deputy Attorney General for Canadafrom 1988 to 1993, when some of the key steps in theWater War Crimes took place and John Tait was probably involved due to his position. .
While John Tait was Deputy Attorney Geneal for Canada several of the above mentionned dead judges were appointed to the bench or elevated to the position of Chief Jsutice.  In Canada’s system of Government, these are positions that require the approval of the Deputy Attorney General.
Eventually, John Tait’s proverbial chickens came home to roost when, in 1998, Sun Belt Water Inc. moved its cae from Canada domestic courts, where agents of Canada’s Department od Justice had boxed it in and were burying the case, to a proceeding under  the arbitration provisions of the NAFTA.  The case sent shock waves through Canada’s establishnent and, soon afterwards, John Tait got sick and died and there is good reasons to believe he was murdered because he could have ratted on the insiders involved in the Water War Crimes and several prominent Canadians would have gone to jail.
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Pierre Trudeau

Shortly after the Sun Belt Water Inc. bombshell landed in Ottawa, in September, 2000, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau died.
Was Trudeau another victim of the Water War Crimes?
The Canadian government is very secretive about the financial profiteering by Trudeau and his cabinet whenTrudeau was Prime Minister.  Files realted to the establishment of Canada’s national oil company, Petro Canada, using taxpayers money to purchase shares of a company allegedly owned by the Trudeau family, at highly inflated prices, have been ordered sealed for over 50 years.
Trudeau was dirty.
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Was British Columbia Politician Stan Hagen Murdered January 2009


Stan Hagen

Long time Comox Valley politician, Stan Hagen died from a sudden heart attack, in January 2009, only a few hours after a meeting with former BC Premier Gordon Campbell.  We suspect he was murdered.
Hagen had been in the cabinet of  former British columbiaPremier Bill Vander Zalm when illegal benefits were conferred upon W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd.
In a private conversation with investors from the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, Hagen advised that there was really big money behind W.C.W Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. 
A few years before his death, Stan hagen had had a private meeting with US Billionaire, David Rockerfeller, who controls a company called CEDE and Company that was heavily invested in W.C.W. Westenr Canada Water Enterprises Ltd. and that appears to have lost millions due to corruption in Canada.
Stan Hagen knew a lot and certain Canadian insiders had a motive to murder him.



Jean Pelletier

Jean Pellitier was the Chief of Staff to former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien from 1993 to 2001 and, as such, he played a key role in many of the Water War Crimes, especially the attack upon Sun Belt Water Inc. , its lawyer, John Carten and his friend and colleague, Karen Gibbs.
Pelletier was probably part of the team that planned the Liberal Party of Canada orgainzed police putsch that removed British Columbia Premier Glen Clark from office in 1999,
Pelletier was also close to Alan Gottlieb the former Canadian Ambassador to Washington when the Water War Crimes were carried out and who now works for the Calgary law firm ofBennett Jones a law firm that that has provided sanctuary to several individuals who were involved in the Water War Crimes and that has close links to former Prime Minister Jean Chretien.
Pelletier knew the dirty secrets of Canada’s government under Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Pelletier allegedly died of sudden onset cancer on January 10, 2009.
Murder is suspected.
In 1985, Pelletier was made a Member of the Order of Canada in recognition for having “played
a pivotal role in many social, cultural and philanthropic organizations in the Old Capital”.
He was promoted to Officer of the Order of Canada by the crooked Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, in 2003, in recognition for having “dedicated his life to public service“.



Jack Ebbels

Jack Ebbels had been a top civil servant in British Columbia and he died of a sudden heart attack in February 2010.
Jack Ebbels had been senior legal counsel, under the directiom of Deputy Attorney General Robert Edwards, who also died of a suddne heart attack.  Jack Ebbels was the lawyer who was in charge of crafting the legal documents that conferred a secret illegal contract upon W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd.
In the criminal overworld, as in the criminal underworld, there are what they call “rites of passage”.  Jack Ebbels had passed a cricial “rite of passage” and, after successfully putting the crooked deal together for “friends of the  government” inside W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd., Jack Ebbels moved up in the crooked civil service circles that administer the Canadian Government.
In January of 2010, we began posting the story of Jack Ebbels on this web site, he was a liability to the insiders, and he was dead by February 25, 2010.
It is probable that Jack Ebbels was murdered in order to silence him.
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Was former Clark of Canada’s Privy Council
Glen Shortliffe Murdered
in May 2010.


Glen Shortliffe

Glen Shortliffe, the former Clerk of the Privy Council for Canada, was dying of cancer when on May 6, 2010, he suddenly dropped dead fron what Canada’s self appointed national newspaper, the Globe and Mail  called a sudden unexpected heart attack.
Glen Shortliffe had been Deputy Minister of Transport for Canada when British Columbia Attorney General, Brian Smith , was appointed Chairman of CN Rail a company owned by Canada’s Natioanl Government.
There is good reason to beleive Glen Shortliffe was murdered in order to silence him.  A man dying of cancer had no reason to take his secrets to the grave but others did.
Clck here to read more about Glen Shortliffe.

Was former Privy Council Staffer Mario Lague Murdered
August 11, 2010


Mario Lague was an insider in Canadian politics.  He was known as a hard ball player who abused his power to destroy people’s careers.
He was a staff person at Canada’s Privy Council when theWater War Crimes cover up was taking place.
Mario Lague knew some of Canada’s top dirty secrets. He was a target.  He died in a mysterious motor cycle accident that occurred on August 11, 2010.  There is reason to believe Mario Lague was murdered in order to silence him.
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Senator Norm Atkins and the Water War Crimes
Deceased September 2010


Senator Norm Atkins

Norm Atkins had many linksd to the Water War Crimes insiders.
It is difficult to know the extent of his involvement due ot the stonewalling and cover up by Canada’s Government.
If Senator Atkins was a criminal insider then, by September 2010, he must have been getting very very nervous watching all the other players droppiong dead.
Senator Norm Atkins developed heart trouble.  He checked into a New Brunswick Hospital and died shortly afterwards.  Were his heart problems normal or where they induced by insiders who wished to silence him?
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Former Canadian Politician Maurice Foster,
Deceased, October 2010


Maurice Foster had been a top advisor to former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien.  He was a life long member of the Liberal Party of Canada
He died in October 2010.
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Jack Hooper – Former Associate Director of CSIS :
“Of course he was murdered”
Deceased November 2010


Former CSIS Director Jack Hooper

Former Canadian Security and Intelligence Service Associate Director Jack Hooper, dropped dead in November 2010, at age 57, while in excellent from a sudden unexpected heart attack.
Hooper knew all the secrets.
There was motive to murder him.
An undercover investigator advised  “Of course he was murdered”
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Found Dead January 12, 2011
Intelligence Expert  Michel Gratton


The sudden death at age 58 of Michel Gratton, an Ottawa insider, on or about January 12, 2011, intelligence expert and press secretary to formerCanadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney brings to nineteen the number of sudden deaths linked to theWater War Crimes.
The death of Michel Gratton marks the third in a seriies of sudden deaths of intelligence experts in North America in sixty days.  On November 12, 2010, former associate director of Canada’s Securuty and Intelligence Service, Jack Hooper,dropped dead allegedly from a sudden heart attack, at age 57, and in excellent health.  Some intelligence experts suspect Jack Hooper was murdered.  On January, 6, 2011, retiredPentagon intelligence advisor, John Wheeler’s bodty was found in a garbage dump near Washington, D.C.,the police regard the death as a murde.
Mr. Gratton was highly regarded as an excpert in the intelligence business as a result of the bookSpyworld, an inside look at the Canadian and American intelligence establishment, a book that co-authored with Mike Frost a former Canadian Security Establishment insider in 1994.
Due to his work as press secretary to former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney,Michel Gratton would have also been familiar with the many of the insiders linked to the Water War Crimes.
Given his background and the sudden unexplained nature of his death,  Canadians are justifiably asking if Michel Gratton was murdered?
The editors of this web site wish to advise the readers that they have seen no evidence thatMichell Gratton was involved in any wrong doing.  However, given his position as an intelligence insider and journalist, Mr. Gratton was certainly knew some dark secrets in Ottawa and he was also in a position to speak about those secrets through his media contacts thereby creating a motive for murder.

Deceased January 25, 2011
Audrey Best Bouchard


Audrey Best Bouchard was the wife of Lucien  Bouchard who was the Minister of the Environment in  the Brian Mulroney Government when Fred  Doucet, the former pal and Chief of Staff for Prime Minister   Brian Mulroney, was lobbying the Canadian Ministry of the  Environment on behalf of W.C.W. Western Canada Water  Enterprises Ltd.
As Minister of the  Environment, Lucien Bouchard attempted to introduce legislation that  would have conferred upon W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises  Ltd. a monopoly on bulk water exports from Canada by  prohibiting bulk water exports from Canada except for firms  with existing contracts or permits such as the one W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd.. had negotiated with theGovernment of  British Columbia secretly and illegally on September 25, 1989.
The legislation was never adopted, Lucien Bouchard threw a temper tantrum and in May of 1990 quit his position in  the Progressive Conservative Party and turned his back  on Prime Minister Brain Mulroney, the man that elevated him  from his humble beginnings to international prominence as Canada’s Ambassador to France.
Audrey Best Bouchard was born  in France but raised in California.  As a  Californian, she would have had an implicit understanding of the huge market  potential for Canadian fresh water in the American  southwest and the huge profits one could make if one had a monopoly
export position.  As the wife of Lucien Bouchard, she would have known what her husband was trying to do and she may have been complicit.
It is surprising that Heenan Blaikie, the law firm where Canada’s strong federalist  Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau was a partner would hire the wife of the man who was determined to break up Canada as leader of the Bloc Quebecois.
However, all of this begins to make perfect sense when it has now been revealed that Pierre Trudeau, along  with Queen Elizabeth II, were also an investors in  W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises  Ltd.
And these revelations also explain why  Jean Chretien joined Heenan  Blaikie when he retired from politics and why it was a sexy lady lawyer  from Heenan Blaikie who seduced Victoria City Chief of Police  Paul Battershill and sabotaged his career after he had promised to carry out an investigation of  crimes committed inside the Ministry of the Attorney General for British  Columbia that benefited W.C.W.  Western Canada Water Enterprises  Ltd.   It is also an astonishing co-incidence that the Attorney General for British Colubmia is regularly representd by the same Ottawa lawyer as Fred Doucet, namely, Robert Houston.
And these revelations may explain  why Audrey Best Bouchard died  “prematurely” at age 50, as stated in the press release issued by Heenan Blaikie, on January 25, 2011.
It is interesting that the cancer that allegedly killed her was allegedly diagnosed three years prior to her death  which would be after the Federal Court lawsuit action  T-95-08 was filed and these matters were becoming exposed in  Canada’s courts and government offices.
Like the 29 others interred in the  Graveyard of the Guilty, Audrey Best Bouchard
knew too much.
Like many diseases, cancer, the  disease Audrey Best Bouchard is alleged to have died from, is a  physical manifestation of an underlying disease of the spirit and mind
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Deceased February 2011
Former British Columbia Lieutenant Governor
David Lam


DAvid Lam

As if riding an outgoing tide, David Lam the former Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia who, in 1991, died in February, 2011.
The editors of this web site beleive that Mr. Lam was a criminal who signed into law illegal orders-in council conferring illegal benefits on W.C.W. Western canada Water Enterprises Ltd that gave that company an effective monopoly over water exports to the United States.
David Lam
caused a lot of harm for a lot of innocent people who were victims of his illegal conduct and earned a lot of bad karma.  Moreover, as Lieutenant Governor David Lam knew some state secrets and now he is silent so we will let the reader decide if he was murdered alos.

Deceased March 1, 2011,
Former Deputy Attorney General for British Columbia
Gillian Wallace


Photo not available

Gillian Wallace had been an employee  of Canada’s Department of Justicewhen the Water War Crimes were first set in motion.  Later she was  moved by insiders to the Government of British Columbia where she took a position as Assistant Deputy Attorney General and proceeded to suppress evidence and otherwise conceal documents that would have proved the commission of the initial stages of the Water War Crimes.
In the opinon of the editors of this web site Gillian Wallace was a major criminal, committed many many crimes and was guilty of treason.
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Deceased June 18, 2011, Martin Mason, Legal Counsel for the Canadian Judicial Council and Several Crooked Judges


Martin Mason was legal counsel for the Canadian Judicial Council and several Canadians judges who were involved in the Water War Crimes.
He suddenly died on June 18, 2011, after using his skills for several years to cover up judicial crimes and to obstruct the course of justice.  He deserved to die.  Like many lawyers involved in theWater War Crimes filed, Mr. Mason could have used his skills to do justice but he did not.  As a result, he earned  the wages of sin.
Martin Mason knew some secrets and there is good reason to believe he may have been murdered .

Jack Layton Dead August 22, 2011


Jack Layton, like many of the dead depicted here, was guilty of the crime of cover up.
Jack Layton was a dynamic, lying, cheating, politician who, like many among Canada’s crooked political elites, was fully informed of the corruption that lay behind the Water War Crimes.
Jack Layton had the opportunity to use his public office to help clean up the corruption that has become endemic in Canada and give good government back to Canadians but, Jack Laytonchose to protect the criminals, he developed cancer because of his duplicity and he died on August 22, 2011.
This is the price one pays for cheating and lying to those who give you their trust.

Sandra Gail Roberts: Death September 30, 2011


Sandra Gail Roberts worked in the office of British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell from June 2001 to March 2011.  It appears that she developed cancer after she left the Premiers office and died six months later.
This is very convenient death for people carrying out investigations of the corrruption that took place inside the Premier’s office and it is possible she was murdered through the use of an agent that causes cancer in order that her mouth would be shit forever.

Reg Alcock – Sudden Death October 14, 2011.


Reg Alcock

Reg Alcock was part of the dirty Governments of Jean Chretien andPaul Martin from 1993 to 2006 when they launched their dispicable and illegal attacks on Mr. Carten and Ms. Gibbs.
Alcock was born and raised in Winnipeg,. the capital city of the Canadian province of Manitoba.  As a result, it is probable he had connections with some of the Winnipeg crowd that was linked to W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd., such as Chretien’s pal Izzy Asper, Canada’s dirty Foreign Affairs Minister, Lloyd Axworthy, Winnipeg raised Vancouver lawyer an Gordon Campbell pal,  Paul Fraser, Margaret Annett, the President of W.C.W. Western Canada Water Enterprises Ltd., and many many others.
In January 2007, Alcock was appointed to the faculty of the University
of Manitoba
  then under the direction of Water WAr Crimes insider Lloyd Axworthy as an executive in residence at the I. H. Asper School of Busines.  He was also appointed as a Research Affiliate with the Leadership Network at the  Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, the same institution where former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell hid out for a few years after she was forced to leave her position as Canadian Consul General inLos Angeles.
Reg Alcock was in a position to blow the whistle on the insiders but now he is dead and dead men don’t talk.   He died at the Winnipeg International Airport from an alleged sudden heart attack.  Murder is suspected.

The foregoing represents those who have died and whom we believe were involved in the Water War Crimes either as participants or as concealers.
There are now at least 30 who are dead and, sure, some were old and on their way out but the others were healthy and showed no signs of illness and, well, dead men and women don’t talk do they.
So, we will let the reader be the judge and decide if any of these people were murdered and by who.
One thing is certain, there will be more sudden deaths unless and until the murderers are brought to justice.